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How UK civil servant Michael Israel Michaels helped Israel get nuclear weapons.

The sources for the following are BBC Newsnight, 9 March 2006, and The New Statesman, 13 March 2006 edition.

Secret papers show how a British civil servant, Michael Israel Michaels, helped Israel get nuclear weapons in the 1960s.

Members of the British cabinet apparently knew nothing about it.

(Israel also had friends in France. The French helped build Israel's reactor and reprocessing plant at Dimona.)

BBC Newsnight has discovered secret files which show how people in Britain helped Israel get the atomic bomb.

Apparently the UK supplied Israel with plutonium.

Britain also sold Israel uranium-235, beryllium and lithium-6, which are used in atom bombs and hydrogen bombs.

When Harold Macmillan became UK prime minister, Britain supplied the heavy water that allowed Israel to start up its own plutonium production facility at Dimona.

Britain made hundreds of other secret shipments of nuclear materials to Israel in the 1950s and 1960s.

Tony Benn became UK technology minister in 1966.

He claims he was not told that Britain was exporting atomic energy materials to Israel.

"I'm not only surprised," he says, "I'm shocked."

In 1960, Britain's spies knew about Dimona in Israel. Photographs of Dimona had reached Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) in London. Retired DIS analyst Peter Kelly knew about the UK's sale of heavy water to Israel. The transaction was signed off for the Foreign Office by civil servant Donald Cape.

Kelly's reports for the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) on "secret atomic activities in Israel" show that Britain's spies had no doubt about what was going on in Israel.

Kelly and his colleagues were challenged by Michael Israel Michaels, a senior civil servant at the UK science ministry. Michaels was also the UK representative at the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Authority).

Michaels tried to make out that Israel was not developing nuclear weapons.

In 1961 Michaels was invited to Israel by the Israeli nuclear chief. Michaels met the Israeli PM and other top Israelis.

Peter Kelly warned his bosses about Michaels.

Michaels's report gave Israel the all-clear.

In 1966 the UK Atomic Energy Authority wanted to export ten milligrams of plutonium to Israel. The Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Office objected.

Michaels wrote "to protest strongly" against the objections. He claimed that small quantities of plutonium were not important.

Michaels won his battle. The plutonium was sold to Israel.

Former UK government Tony Benn claims that Michaels never referred the nuclear sales to him.

Benn says: "Michaels lied to me. I learned by bitter experience that the nuclear industry lied to me again and again."

Kelly believes that Michaels knew what Israel was doing.

When Michaels retired from the IAEA in 1971, the Israelis found him a job.

Former UK government minister Tony Benn was asked if UK prime minister Harold Wilson knew about the atomic exports to Israel.

Benn replied: "Harold was sympathetic to Israel." (Prime Minister Harold Wilson's key cronies were Jewish)

Benn believes that the exports were probably pushed through by civil servants working with the nuclear industry.

In a letter in 2006, the Foreign Office minister Kim Howells has admitted that Britain knew the heavy water was going to Israel.

Howells has not given this information to the IAEA.

According to Meirion Jones in The New Statesman:

"Howells and his boss, Jack Straw, are too busy telling the IAEA about the dangers of nuclear proliferation in another corner of the Middle East."

UK foreign secretary Jack Straw is Jewish.


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