Monday, March 13, 2006

The cover-up of the biggest act of terrorism in the UK

The following letter is taken from The Herald.

March 13 2006

Excerpts from the letter by Dr Jim Swire:

The warning on behalf of the lord advocate that a public interest immunity certificate might be used against Iain McKie's legal team (March 10) creates yet another link between the handling of this case and the Lockerbie one.

During the Lockerbie fatal accident inquiry held at Dumfries, we started to try to question matters relating to the failure to act upon warnings received before the atrocity, and the woefully inadequate state of security at Heathrow.

We then learned that the (Thatcher) government of the day had prepared at least three PII certificates (gagging orders) to block questioning on these subjects...

It was not until years later, during the appeal by Mr al Megrahi at Zeist, that we learned for the first time that an unknown intruder had broken into "airside" at Heathrow the night before Lockerbie, giving access to the "Iran Air" facilities beside the assembly area for PanAm baggage containers, and that no investigation of this break-in had occurred prior to the departure of the Lockerbie flight the following evening...

Dr Jim Swire, Rowans Corner, Calf Lane, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire.


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