Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Blair's mortgage debt of 'almost £4 million'.

Source: the Daily Mail, 11 March 2006.

The Daily Mail has revealed that the mortgage debt of Tony and Cherie Blair stands ‘at almost £4 million.’

Public records show that the Blairs took out a £3.46 million mortgage on their London townhouse in 2004. Mortgages on their other properties in Bristol and Durham amount to at least £472,500.

According to Gordon Rayner, in the Daily Mail, "The news raises fresh questions about just how the Blairs can afford their property investments." Tony Blair’s salary, after tax, is £113,000.
Cherie Blair reportedly earned £100,000 from a six-date charity tour of Australia and New Zealand.

According to the Daily Mail: "Mrs Blair faced demands to hand back her fee after it emerged that only 8% of the takings from her Melbourne appearance went to the Children’s cancer charity in question, a breach of local laws which say the figure must be at least 40%."

Mrs Blair bought two flats in Bristol with the help of convicted fraudster Peter Foster, who was a boyfriend of Mrs Blair’s Jewish friend Carole Caplin.

Mrs Blair, who works as a junior judge, at first denied Foster had had anything to do with the deal.

The Daily Mail obtained copies of Mrs Blair’s e-mails to Foster. In these e-mails, Mrs Blair thanked Foster for his help, saying: ‘You’re a star."

Mrs Blair was forced to admit she had misled the public.

There was further controversy when it emerged that Mrs Blair bought the properties using a ‘blind trust’ called the Manchester Trust. Ministers and their wives are supposed to have no control over such trusts.


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