Sunday, March 05, 2006

Acts of fake terror to be used to control Scotland's oil?

Could this be the scenario:

Scotland discovers yet more oil and decides to become independent; the USA and its allies use acts of fake terror to provide an excuse to invade and control the oil....

Here are extracts from a news story in the Sunday Herald, 4 February 2006.

By Rob Edwards

An exercise scenario, codenamed Neptune Warrior and obtained by the Sunday Herald, reveals that Scotland’s peaceful west coast has been transformed into a hotbed of terror in order to train military forces from four countries.

The UK, France, Germany and the US are currently engaged in a major air, land and sea exercise stretching from Campbeltown to Cape Wrath.

The cape, a military firing range, is under attack, while warships and submarines prowl the minches.

The training course, which involves 14 boats, 50 aircraft and two regiments of the Joint Ground Based Air Defence, began on February 25 and is due to end on Saturday.

In the leaked scenario:

England is “Mustardia”, a dictatorship seeking to establish “Greater Mustardia” by annexing parts of Scotland.

Scotland is “Brownia” and consists of six self-governing regions.

New oil and minerals have been discovered in the minches and sea of the Hebrides.

A Brownian fishing vessel is sunk in an act of terror.

War looms. A number of the fundamentalist groups including the international An-Quaich movement are operating in Brownia.

According to the Sunday Herald:

The imaginary scenario has provoked fierce criticism.

“It is an offence to the people of Scotland for the MoD to invite the US Navy to sail into our waters to fire shells at Cape Wrath,” said John Ainslie from the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. “They’re adding insult to injury by suggesting the Highlands and Islands are occupied by warring clans and terrorists. Most Scots feel this nation should be a force for peace in the world, not a military playground.”


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