Monday, February 13, 2006

Will the soldiers who beat 4 Iraqi children be punished?

The beating of Iraqi children by British troops is systemic.

“It reflects exactly the real situation in Iraq,” Muhanned Atta, a physician at al-Kadumiya hospital, in Baghdad, said.,,7374-2038156,00.html

Will the soldiers who beat up four Iraqi children be punished?

No officers or senior NCOs stepped in to halt the assaults or reported them later.

Retired Colonel Bob Stewart said: "Why has it taken so long for people to come forward to show that this abuse has occurred?"

1. The Daily Mirror once pointed out that there were abuses by UK soldiers in Iraq. Editor Piers Morgan was sacked.

2. A court martial of seven paratroopers accused of murdering an Iraqi teenager collapsed in November 2005 after the judge said basic policing errors had been made by military investigators.

3. Trooper Kevin Williams of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment was found not guilty in April 2005 of murdering a lawyer near Basra in 2003. Charges were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service following evidence submitted by senior army sources and comments from the trial judge, who remarked on the dangers that British troops faced in Iraq.

4. The BBC were mildly critical of the sexing-up of the dossier on WMD. The Director General and the Chairman were forced out.

5. Iraq is awash with cancer. The Depleted Uranium in Iraq is likely contaminated with plutonium and other radioactive waste. No politicians or generals responsible for the use of depleted uranium have been arrested.

The reputation of the British forces around the world is rotten.

"The name of the British forces around the world is one we must defend and protect. It must be safeguarded by taking the action necessary" - Chancellor Gordon Brown.

The rotten reputation must be defended?


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