Sunday, February 12, 2006

Video shows British troops brutally beating Iraqi children inside military compound. Video shows corpse.

A video, obtained by the News of the World and shown on BBC TV on 11 February 2006, shows a group of British soldiers brutally beating and kicking defenceless Iraqi teenagers in an army compound.

According to The Guardian: 'There appears to be little doubt on the part of officials that it is genuine footage.',,1708161,00.html

Managing editor of the News of the World, Stuart Kuttner said of the video: "we've satisfied ourselves that this an absolutely genuine article."

The footage shows eight soldiers pulling four teenagers off the street and dragging them into their army base, before beating them with batons, as well as punching and kicking them.

The Ministry of Defence issued the following statement: 'We are aware of these very serious allegations and can confirm that they are the subject of an urgent Royal Military Police investigation.'

The video footage was given to the News of the World by a whistleblower.

There have been investigations by MoD prosecutors into a series of serious allegations of abuse by its troops in southern Iraq.

The video was shot from a rooftop in secret by a corporal.

In one of the most brutal scenes, a soldier punches one of the prisoners in the head and the stomach. He is then headbutted and kicked further.

Another scene shows a soldier walking up to one of the boys and kicking him hard between the legs from behind. The boy is seen doubling up in pain.

In some of the worst footage, a prisoner is kicked in the back and the body six times by two soldiers. As he struggles on the floor, one of the soldiers grabs him again by the shoulder, kicks him twice and then begins to hit him on the legs with a baton.

The video also shows footage of a soldier drawing back the blanket over an Iraqi corpse to display it close up to the camera as if it is a trophy.

The informant is quoted as saying: 'These Iraqis were just kids. Most haven't even got shoes on.'

The informant said the video had been shown by the corporal's friends at their home base in Europe. One of those colleagues reported its contents to the tabloid newspaper.

The film is understood to have been taken in early 2004

During the footage, the cameraman - filming from a rooftop - can be clearly heard encouraging his colleagues to abuse the four young prisoners. The cameraman is heard laughing and saying: "Oh yes! Oh Yes! You're gonna get it. Yes, naughty little boys. You little f***ers, you little f***ers. Die. Ha Ha."

The attacks appear to be led by a sergeant.

Britain went into Iraq to steal the oil and kill Iraqi children?

The British military have links to fake terror?

The spin from the News of the World: the British army does not have a long history of using torture?

MoD to probe Iraq 'abuse' video

UK soldiers 'videoed beatings'

British bombing of innocent Iraqis in the 1920s - to safeguard oil interests.

How Britain invented terror bombing in 1920s Iraq


Saddam worked for the CIA

'Trophy' video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqi drivers

Death squads in Iraq



'Americans disguised as Arabs try to set off bomb'.

"It was a booby-trapped car laden with ammunition and was meant to explode in the centre of the city of Basra in the popular market."

Iraqi Interior Minister says the 2 British soldiers were not handed to any militia.

'The so-called "insurgent" bombings are really being carried out by UK and US operatives'; the role of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment.



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A big tanx to briti soldiers ... f*** all the f***ing Eraqis ... let them do anything they want ...

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A big tanx to Iraqi Freedom Fighters ... fuck all the fucking Occupation Troops/Terrorists ... let them do anything they want ...

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The execution of the Romanovs

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One day they will come and smash you up, and no one will save you.


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