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Torture and death of British children; the death of Gareth.

Gareth Myatt

You have heard about the Iraqi children being beaten and murdered by agents of the British government.

How many British children are being murdered in British institutions by dangerous child abusers?

In April 2004, 15-year-old Gareth Myatt died 'while being restrained by officers' in Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre in Northamptonshire.

Gareth was less than five feet tall.

There were no prosecution over the death of Gareth Myatt, the Crown Prosecution Service announced in December 2005.

Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre near Rugby is run by Rebound, part of security company Group 4.

Figures from the Home Office show that between 1 April 2002 and 31 March 2003 there were 104 custody deaths, compared to 70 the previous year.

In 2006, almost 600 people died in prisons, police cells and other units in the UK. (600 custody deaths in 2006, study finds UK news

An unacceptable level of pain is being used to restrain children in secure custody, a report says.

The independent investigation into the treatment of children in prison, led by Lord Carlile, found pain was used to enforce compliance.

That was "unacceptable" and may be illegal, the report said.


Yarl's Wood is run by Group-4

On 8 December 2003, in a Daily Mirror report, Nick Sommerlad wrote:

STAFF at Yarl's Wood boasted of using violence and intimidation on detainees while colleagues turned a blind eye to the brutality...

A senior officer warned recruits: "With control and restraint the idea is to cause pain."

Another said unpopular detainees were sometimes beaten up and any evidence destroyed...

One worker confessed to using excessive violence on detainees while a colleague moved a security camera so the attacks would not be captured on film.

Many officers are large, muscular, tattooed, ex-military men. Some relish their fights with detainees...

After a tussle in the corridor, the officer followed his colleagues to a segregation cell where there were no CCTV cameras. I was told the inmate "got a pasting" and was "splattered against the wall with a riot shield"...

A supervisor admitted some officers seemed to get a kick out of provoking detainees - giving them an excuse to use restraint techniques.

He said: "Control and restraint hurts. You will hurt them. During the training, treat us like a detainee. We expect to be hurt or you have not been trained right.

"We are doing it because we want to make them hurt. We are actually assaulting him. It is only because of the job we are doing we can do it." Under Blunkett's control and restrain powers - used by the prison service on unruly inmates - officers may use spontaneous violence on detainees if they are attacked. archive - News - All News Archive - GROUP 4's BLUNDERS SLAMMED


Never ever vote New Labour.


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