Friday, February 10, 2006

Moderate Malaysia and cartoons; millions do not demonstrate.

We condemn the press for running a series of cartoons, but where is the condemnation of a media which so far has shown nearly exclusively footage of Muslim people on violent rampages, burning embassies and flags, threatening and boycotting this and that?

Assaulted by these images, deprived of peaceful, moderate or indifferent reactions from Muslims, it’s no wonder so much of the Western world has such a distorted image of Islam. - Amy de Kanter


Malaysia is a moderate, secular, mainly Moslem country with a relatively successful economy.

In the last elections, the Islamic party performed very badly and a secular party won most of the votes.

Malaysia has criticised the war policies of the Pentagon and Israel.

The Pentagon and Israel do not favour moderate, secular Moslem countries because they do not obey the dictates of the Pentagon and Israel.

The Pentagon and Israel prefer countries like Saudi Arabia which are easy to control.

The cartoon issue has caused problems for countries such as Malaysia.

In Kuala Lumpur, a few thousands have demonstrated against the cartoons.

Millions of others have not demonstrated.

The Jewish-influenced media has shown us endless pictures of a tiny number of fanatics, many of whom are probably working for the security services of certain countries.


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