Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lebanon and Syria and cartoons

The Pentagon wants regime change in the Middle East and they may be helped by Moslem religious groups secretly controlled by the West?

Robert Fisk, in The Independent, 7 February 2006, wrote about religious fury threatening to wrest control from secular governments.

The Independent

Fisk wrote: In Lebanon yesterday, 2,000troops fought demonstrators in the heart of Christian Beirut during the day as the Danish consulate was set on fire and a large church was attacked by a mob. Other demonstrators headed for the Lebanese foreign ministry....

It shows how quickly nationalist Arab governments can be challenged by Islamists within their own countries...

One Sunni prelate who appeared on the streets in a vain attempt to calm the demonstrators remarked that "they have done more damage to the name of the Prophet today than the cartoons in Denmark''.

...Syria is a largely Sunni nation ruled by Alawites - a branch of Shiism - and it is not difficult to see how even minimum Baathist encouragement of Saturday's demonstrators quickly turned into a Sunni protest... it is the same old problem: who runs Syria?


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