Thursday, February 09, 2006


In 1914 there was a great Moslem Empire - the Turkish Empire. Some of the more militant leaders of this Empire made the mistake of getting angry about losses in the Balkans. These leaders decided to enter World War One. The result was that Turkey lost its empire, including Palestine. If Turkey had stayed calm its empire might have survived.

What Turkey needed in 1914 was internal reform and not a bloody war.

Xymphora lists some of the things that The West has recently been doing to Moslems:

We in the West:

drop bombs on innocent civilians in a country that posed no harm, and boastfully talk of 'shock and awe';

shoot their children in the face as part of an organized program to steal their lands;

imprison their wives and daughters as hostages;

chop down the olive trees that have supported their families for hundreds of years;

threaten more innocent civilians with death in countries like Iran and Syria, countries which again pose no threat;

lock up their young men by the hundreds of even thousands after September 11, unconstitutionally and illegally, and quietly release them months later rather than admit it was all a racist program of profiling;

fire a tank shell into a group of their children, and call it a 'mistake';

set up torture centers to brutalize and humiliate mostly innocent civilians, and continue doing it after photographs of some of the least outrageous acts are shown;

drop bombs on apartment buildings on the chance that some political enemy you are illegally targeting might possibly be there;

set up food distribution for the poor, tauntingly featuring soup made of pork;

surround them with walls to formalize the theft of land from them and make it impossible for them to have a state.

Why do some young Moslems become militants?

1. Some are wittingly or unwittingly working for fascist military governments who find it easier to control people when they become angry fundamentalist fascists.

2. Some are simply angry.

Sometimes the victim of the bully has to learn not to get angry. Getting angry plays into the hands of the bully.

If Britain had declared in 1914 that it was not going to support angry old Russia, there would have been no World War I.

If there had been no Arab-Israeli war in 1948, Palestine might have had a chance to develop into a happy and prosperous state.

In 1953, Iranian CIA operatives, pretending to be supporters of Mossadegh, threatened Moslem leaders with "savage punishment if they opposed Mossadegh." The Moslem leaders got angry and it was then easier for the CIA to control them and control Iran.

The prophet Muhammed said:

"The best jihad is by the one who strives against his own self for God."

“You do not do evil to those who do evil to you, but you deal with them with forgiveness and kindness.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)


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