Friday, February 10, 2006

Byelection victory for anti-war Liberal Democrats


Byelection February 2006 General election May 2005

Liberal-Democrat (anti-war) 35.8% 20.1%
Labour 30.6% 47.4%
Scottish National Party 21.0% 18.9%
Conservative 7.8% 10.3%,,2-2034275,00.html

GORDON BROWN was dealt a major blow to his credibility as the next Prime Minister when the Liberal Democrats sensationally captured the constituency where the Chancellor has his home in a shock by-election result early this morning.

Willie Rennie pulled off a huge political coup for his party when he overturned a 11,562 Labour majority and delivered a swing of more than 16 per cent to defeat Catherine Stihler, the Labour candidate, in the Chancellor’s political backyard by 1,800 votes.

THE stunning election upset in Dunfermline early today has created a massive headache for the Holyrood coalition, even bigger problems for holding Labour together north and south of the border, and potential disaster for Gordon Brown's hopes of becoming prime minister.

In Dunfermline, the Liberal Democrats came second in the General Election in May 2005. The voters, this time, saw the Liberal Democrats as the best people to beat Labour.

The voters were not distracted by media campaigns to discredit the Liberal Democrats.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) came second in the General election in May 2005 in a large number of Labour seats. The SNP stand a good chance of winning some of these seats in future elections.

Tony Blair's Labour Party can only hold on to power by holding on to Scotland, where they traditionally have a large number of seats. Dunfermline, a traditionally safe Labour seat in Scotland, has now fallen to the Liberals. The decline of Labour should continue throughout the United Kingdom.

The good people of Dunfermline and West Fife are to congratulated on throwing out the Labour Party.

If Labour is to survive it needs to avoid pro-war leaders such as Tony Blair, Gordon Brown or John Reid. The Labour Party should consider replacing Blair with someone like Michael Meacher.


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