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Blair, Jowell and the Mafia

What links Tony Blair, his minister Tessa Jowell and the Mafia?


Antonino Giuffre was a senior mafia boss in Italy. He became a supergrass.

In January 2003, Giuffre told a court that Marcello Dell'Utri, a close aide to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, promised to help the mafia in return for electoral support for Berlusconi's party, Forza Italia.

Source: Guardian Unlimited Special reports Berlusconi aide 'struck ...

Reportedly the mafia helped Forza Italia in March 1992 when it ordered the murder of Salvo Lima, a Sicilian Christian Democrat.

Mr Giuffre said the mafia had been in contact with members of Mr Berlusconi's Fininvest company.

The Mafia received assurances that Berlusconi's party would rein in the police, soften jail conditions for mafiosi and change laws.


Tony Blair is a close friend of Berlusconi and has stayed with him on holiday in Italy.

Tessa Jowell is one of Blair's top ministers. Her husband, David Mills, has worked closely with Berlusconi.



1994 Investigators start to look at offshore businesses belonging to Berlusconi.

1996 The UK Serious Fraud Office stages a raid on an office that is connected with Mills over the activities of Berlusconi’s companies.

1997 Mills allegedly misleads an Italian court trying Berlusconi.

1998 The lawyer allegedly makes a false declaration during a second hearing.

1999 A £350,000 “gift” is placed for Mills in an offshore hedge fund.

2000 Mills and Jowell take out a mortgage of £450,000.

2000 The £350,000 “gift” is brought onshore in order to repay the mortgage.

2004 Mills tells his accountants that the gift has come from “the B people”.

2004 Mills tells Italian prosecutors that the money was from Berlusconi, but later retracts this.

2006 Mills’s home and office are raided by British police at the request of Italians.



Tessa Jowell is bringing Vegas-style Gambling to the U.K.

LONDON, March 26 2002 (UPI) - The British government announced Tuesday it will open the country's doors to Las Vegas-style casinos...


Plans for a new era of easy gambling across Britain were unveiled in a government White Paper outlined by Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell.

The new legislation will scrap many of the restrictive laws imposed 34 years ago, mainly to prevent "problem betting" and control of casinos by the Mafia and other gangsters...


I can't vote for Tessa now that she pimps for casino bosses, by Janice Turner, Times (UK), October 24, 2004

A LEAFLET from my local MP came through my door this week. There is a picture of jolly Tessa Jowell... Huge US companies have already earmarked sites in run-down areas such as Salford and Hull... I voted for Tessa, expecting an MP who would combat the gambling industry, not act as its pimp."


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