Sunday, February 19, 2006

99 per cent of UK Moslems thought the London tube bombers were wrong.

A very large number of white Britons probably want hanging and flogging for certain types of criminal. There is a worry about increasingly violent streets.

A large number of white Britons no longer trust the criminal justice system.

A poll of UK Moslems has been carried out.

The poll carried out for the Sunday Telegraph, 19/02/2006, suggests 60% of UK Moslems do not want Sharia law in any part of the UK. But around 40% seem to think that Sharia law is the way to reduce violence and drug taking on our streets.

The ICM opinion poll showed that 99 per cent of UK Moslems thought the London tube bombers were wrong to carry out the atrocity.

50pc said interracial relations were worsening.

91 per cent still say they feel loyal to Britain.

Nearly two thirds thought the video images shown last week of British troops beating Iraqi youths were symptomatic of a wider problem in Iraq. Half did not think the soldiers would be "appropriately punished".


What do we think?

Fortunately, 99% of Moslems thought the tube bombings were wrong!

Unfortunately the ICM poll did not ask Moslems if they thought the security services were behind 9 11 and the tube bombings.

Sadly, 40% of Moslems appear to like Sharia law. Perhaps these people could be encouraged to go and live in Saudi Arabia.

We can imagine some Moslem women and even some 'white Christian' women wanting Sharia law as a way of ridding the streets of violent youths and drug pushers.

But, experience of Sharia law in certain Moslem countries suggests that it is the petty criminals who end up being taken to court. The criminals in the government and the military are usually untouchables.

Women may feel safer in strict Islamic countries. But, have countries such as Pakistan been able to rid themselves of drugs and violence. No.

Singapore has managed, more or less, to keep its streets safe. But is this because Singapore executes all drugs offenders or is this because Singapore has tried to keep some sleaze and violence out of the media?

The real answer to crime is to clean up the media. No more Rupert Murdoch. No more nightly bombardment on TV with sleaze and violence.

And severe punishments for drugs offences? We would favour harsh punishments for any CIA operatives who are smuggling heroin into Europe.

Sadly it has been the Tony Blair policy to allow into the UK, in order to boost the economy, lots and lots of immigrants, even if they are poorly educated. We need immigrants, but not the ones who carry guns and sell drugs.


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