Thursday, January 12, 2006

The seven-year-old took lollipops to his mother's grave.

A man went to his wife’s grave with his seven-year-old son.

The seven-year-old took lollipops to the grave instead of flowers.


Gordon Smith is a barber in the city of Glasgow. Late one afternoon, after his staff had gone home, he was tidying the shop. The door opened and a customer came in, a tall man in his thirties.

"We’re closed," said Gordon.

The man looked exasperated. Gordon agreed to give him a shave.

As the soap was being applied, Gordon had the sensation of someone standing watching them. He looked in the mirror and saw a young woman.

Gordon is not just a barber. He is also a psychic medium. Who are you? he thought, as he looked at the figure in the mirror.

‘Judy’ said a voice in Gordon’s head.

Apparently the man who was being shaved was unable to see or hear the woman. But the woman wanted Gordon to give the man a message.

Gordon asked the man, "Do you know who Judy is?"

The man sat bolt upright.

Gordon explained to the man what was going on. He explained that he was a medium.

It turned out that Judy was the man’s wife and she had died 6 months earlier.

Gordon described Judy’s appearance. The man began to sob.

Gordon asked Judy if she could give any evidence to prove that she was who she said she was.

Judy said, "Thank you for the lollipops."

Gordon passed the message on to the man.

The man broke down completely.

Two days earlier he had gone to his wife’s grave with his seven-year-old son. The seven-year-old had asked his father if he could take lollipops instead of flowers to the grave.

The man said he just knew his wife was still around them. The Unbelievable Truth: Books (UK) The Unbelievable Truth: Books

Gordon Smith spoke to Scotland on Sunday:

Smith himself does not charge for readings.

"That way I have the luxury of being honest. If it's not working, I just tell people it's not working. I don't have this obligation to come up with the goods, which might be a temptation to exaggerate or embroider things. Anyway, I already have a job."

His job is proprietor of a tiny barber shop in Glasgow called The Gentry. And yes, he does charge for his haircuts!

Smith, a seventh son of a seventh son, first became aware of his ‘gift’ as a boy of 10 in Glasgow, when he saw a drunk walking down the street who "just floated up and disappeared". He later found out that the man had died two weeks previously.

He continued to see and speak to dead people throughout his childhood, but ignored this until he was in his 20s and saw a vision of a friend in his bedroom the very moment he died in a fire. Smith claims he awoke to a vision of Brian, the brother of his workmate Christine, standing before him with a calm look on his face. Smith was alarmed - and far more so when he discovered, several hours later, that Brian had just perished in a house fire from which Christine had been lucky to escape unharmed.

Smith refuses to do readings for journalists because he thinks they are stunts. "I can’t be bothered proving it any more. I’ve been tested at Glasgow University and if people don’t believe me I’m not bothered," he said.

His latest book, The Unbelievable Truth, reached number two on the website earlier this month. His first publication, Spirit Messenger, has sold 50,000 copies worldwide in the past year.

Gordon Smith - The Psychic Barber


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