Sunday, January 08, 2006

Blair appears to choose his successor - David Miliband.

Tony Blair, quoted in The Observer, 8 January 2006:,6903,1681752,00.html

'Whatever happens in the future, there is a new generation coming up that is going to keep progressive politics moving forward. You're not going to get the younger generation, the David Milibands and the Douglas Alexanders and all these guys, going back to late Seventies, early Eighties Labour.'

Milibant is a Blairite and is Jewish. Alexander is a supporter of Gordon Brown.

From The Observer:

Who's who in the Primrose Hill set:

They are the thirty-something set of friends being seen as Labour's answer to the youthful, urbane 'Notting Hill' set around Cameron. They have had their differences - but facing a new threat, they are burying the hatchet.

Their linchpin is David Miliband the 39-year-old Cabinet Minister whose home in London's Primrose Hill is the unofficial meeting place for like minds. Married to American violinist Louise, he headed Blair's policy unit before becoming an MP but has deftly made his peace with the rising clique around Gordon Brown.


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