Thursday, December 29, 2005

John Stonehouse

John Stonehouse was a cabinet minister in the government of British Prime Minister Harold Wilson. In 1974 Stonehouse faked his own death and disappeared to Australia. In 1969 a Czech security agent Joseph Frolik defected to the Americans. He later alleged that Stonehouse was a Czech agent.

"The CIA's specific contributions to the destabilization of Wilson included the agency's sponsorship of a book written by a Czech defector named Josef Frolik. This tome accused John Stonehouse, the Postmaster General in Wilson's cabinet, of being an east bloc agent."

Killtown: "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography" Chp 15 - CIA ...


A pile of clothing belonging to the MP was found on a Miami waterfront after he had supposedly entered the water for a swim. Despite the absence of a corpse and FBI suspicions that the British politician, a former minister of aviation whose heavily indebted business empire stretched to 23 separate companies, had been the victim of a Mafia hit, it was rapidly accepted that Stonehouse had committed suicide.


"The 1975 Downing Street file on the Stonehouse affair released (0n 29 December 2005) by the National Archives at Kew in south-west London confirms that he not only left a wife and daughter behind but a Department of Trade inquiry into what happened to £1.25m he had raised from the British Bangladeshi community for flood relief."

Mid-life stresses forced MP to flee family and cabinet


From 1974: 'Drowned' Stonehouse found alive

Former UK minister John Stonehouse has been found living under a false name in Australia after apparently faking his own death.

He was detained under an immigration law by Melbourne police at the seaside resort of St Kilda, where he told officers his name was Donald Clive Mildoon...

Mr Stonehouse, 49, was feared drowned after vanishing on a business trip to Miami Beach on 20 November.

He vanished while swimming in the sea and there was no trace of him but for the pile of clothes he left behind on the beach...

It is thought he may have a second forged passport because he arrived in Australia from Hawaii on 27 November bearing the name J D Norman.

It has emerged he then left the country the following day and travelled between Singapore, Denmark and the Lebanon before returning to Australia around 10 December...

The re-emergence of the MP, once tipped as a future Labour leader, on the other side of the world has stunned Parliament and his colleagues at Westminster.


"Melbourne's Sunday Observer carried headlines screaming: ASIO's top agent exposes our amazing world of sex, treachery and terror...

"This alleged top spy is 25 year old Czech born Maxmilian Weschler who says that he reached the exalted position in ASIO in 26 months

"Was it coincidence that he was at the City Centre Club at the same time as runaway British MP John Stonehouse?"

Welcome to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO ...

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