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Special Reconnaissance Regiment; Leah Mates; Deepcut

The UK's Special Reconnaissance Regiment is suspected by some of having links to certain fake terror incidents. The regiment has been linked to the shooting of an innocent man (de Menezes) in London and to alleged dirty tricks in Northern Ireland and Iraq. Is this a regiment with a fascist agenda and is it manned by psycopaths?


From The Sunday Times, 9 October 2005:

One of the army’s most secretive special forces units is facing allegations of sex discrimination and bullying from a female corporal who accuses some of its soldiers of using a picture of her for live target practice.

Corporal Leah Mates, 30, from Calne, Wiltshire, will tell an employment tribunal next month that she was so worried by the incident, involving other members of the Det, a top secret Northern Ireland surveillance unit, that she feared for her life...

The Det is already under scrutiny for its involvement in the surveillance operation in London in July that led to the killing by armed police of the Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, who was wrongly believed to be a terrorist.

The Det is now being absorbed into the new Special Reconnaissance Regiment, which is at the forefront of the war on terrorism...

The most serious incident while she was serving with JCUNI came in November 2002 on the unit’s firing range. Three male soldiers, including an NCO who was about to take over as her immediate boss, had drawn a picture of her with her name on it on a target they were using for firearms practice.

“The applicant took the target incident to be a direct threat to her life,” her tribunal application states. “She began to suffer sleeplessness, loss of appetite, headaches and loss of breath.
“She felt depressed and stressed. The applicant felt unable to seek medical advice as this would result in her being relieved of her duties.”

After the NCO involved in the target incident took over as her boss, she began to find graffiti about herself on the desks. “She found comments such as ‘Leah is a rat-head’, ‘F*** you Leah’ and ‘Leah is a cow’,” the application states.

In February 2003 her commander saw graffiti about her in the unit bar that said: “Leah is a dog. Tick here if Leah is a dog.”

...She claims that while serving as a lance-corporal in the Balkans in June 1999 she was forced to sleep as the only woman in a tent with seven male soldiers in her section. On another occasion, a corporal who had shared the tent sat down next to Mates as she was working and allegedly ran his hand down her thigh and back. Other soldiers called her “chipboard chest” in a jibe at the size of her breasts, she maintains.




The Deepcut 'murders'.

At a UK army base, four young soldiers died violently and their deaths 'were covered up by the Army and the government'. http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/ajtaylor/entry/military_secrets/

The Army insisted that all the deaths were suicide 'but it is hard to understand how five gunshot wounds to the chest can be self inflicted, or how the body can then drag itself across the base.'

Q&A: The Deepcut mystery

Deepcut & Beyond http://freespace.virgin.net/lynn.farr/Deepcut%20&%20Beyond.htm
was formed on 11th November 2003 in response of nearly 50 families of soldiers that have died in noncombat situations in coming forward and joining together.


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