Thursday, November 03, 2005

The security services had links to the four July 7 London 'bombers' a year before July 7th.

The security services had links to the four July 7 London 'bombers' a year before July 7th.

The spin will be that the security services are incompetent and need more money.

Source: 03 Nov 2005, Reuters

British security services secretly followed the four alleged bombers a year before the July 7 attacks, the Daily Mirror newspaper reported on 3 November 2005.

The alleged bombers were Germaine Lindsay, Shehzad Tanweer, Hasib Hussain and Mohammed Sidique Khan.

Security services kept watch on them for several weeks.

The BBC said in October that officials secretly filmed Khan during a 2004 surveillance operation.


Quotes from The Mirror:

3 November 2005


By Bob Roberts And Graham Brough

The four men who (allegedly) brought carnage to streets of the capital on July 7 were watched by intelligence officers a year before they killed 52 people on Tube trains and a bus.

But security chiefs called off the operation after it was decided the gang posed no threat. Last week the Mirror revealed how 30-year-old ringleader Mohammed Sidique Khan was filmed with a terror suspect last year and spotted chatting to an al-Qaeda fixer. No action was taken against him. (The Mirror does not suggest that the 'al-Qaeda fixer' may have been working for the security services).

And last night a police source said the other three bombers - Shehzad Tanweer, 22, Jermaine Lindsay, 19, and Hasib Hussain, 18 - were also being tracked...

A fifth man, thought to be an al-Qaeda operative, was being watched...

Shadow homeland security minister Patrick Mercer said: "These men appear not to have been as unknown to the security services as was first thought.

"If this is true, it suggests there are many more questions that need to be asked about our intelligence preparations prior to July 7. We will be demanding that these questions are answered."

And Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Mark Oaten said the blunder shows the need for more cash to carry out surveillance operations properly. (The Mirror does not suggest that Mark Oaten might have links to the security services).

The MP said: "This shows the importance of giving our intelligence services more resources and more people on the ground so they have the manpower they need to do their job.

"The Government should learn protecting this country from terrorists is not just about new laws, it is about money as well."

(The Mirror does not suggest that Mr Blair needs a new distraction after the resignation of Mr Blunkett).


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