Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Promoting child abuse and violence

Grant Mitchell? Bournemouth? Ecstasy? Read on.....


The UK Labour Party
The UK Conservative Party
The UK media
The UK Criminal Justice System
The UK military

Think about advertising slogans that might be appropriate.

Which of the following might suit one or more of the above institutions :

promoting sleaze and violence
working for the Pentagon and killing children
promoting alcohol abuse, drug abuse and child abuse
rigging the evidence
promoting torture
the mint with a hole


From The Telegraph (UK) 23 November 2005:

The new licensing laws were condemned as "ineffective" yesterday after a pub with a history of violence won its campaign to stay open.

The Walkabout, an Australian-themed bar in Bournemouth, faced closure when the borough council rejected its licence application in September after police objections. But at an appeal on Monday, believed to be the first of its kind under the Licensing Act 2003, magistrates in Blandford, Dorset, granted the licence.


From the Mirror (UK) 22 November 2005:


By Adrian Shaw

EASTENDERS hardmen Phil and Grant Mitchell were blamed yesterday for turning children into bullies in the playground.

University academic Dr Sally Henry claimed young thugs copied the violence of the TV soap characters, played by Ross Kemp and Steve McFadden.

Dr Henry said: "Kids learn how to deal with difficult situations from adult role models, like their parents.

"But in the absence of parental guidance, kids will look to other role models, for example male characters in soap operas.

"With around 35 million people a week viewing soap operas like EastEnders, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks, this is a real problem."

Research by Brunel University in West London also showed that girls not only used psychological bullying but were becoming more violent.



Mike Linnell from the charity Lifeline told The Observer that children as young as 10 were bingeing on the pills, taking up to 20 a day.

'We are seeing kids of 12 and 13 who are buying it very cheaply - between 50 pence and £1 - and using it on a fairly regular basis."


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