Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Government plots involving double agents? Terror in Jordan and Australia.


Jordan: Was alleged bomber Safaa Mohammed Ali being used by the CIA?


Jordanian authorities said Safaa Mohammed Ali, 23, was among the suicide attackers who struck last Wednesday at the Grand Hyatt, SAS Radisson and Day's Inn hotels, killing at least 57 people.

A statement by the U.S. command said someone by that name was detained in November 2004 in connection with the American assault on the insurgent stronghold of Fallujah...

Many Jordanians... expressed doubt al-Rishawi's confession was real or that she was even involved in the plot.

"I don't buy it. There are many contradictions, and it just doesn't make sense," said Mohammed al-Fakhiri, a 33-year-old mobile telephone shop owner in the Jordanian, capital, Amman.

"The first thing she would have done is get rid of her explosive belt," al-Fakhiri said. "So how come she was caught with it."

He also said al-Rishawi claimed that her husband had detonated his explosives apparently before she fled.

"So how come she wasn't wounded?"


Australia: was the terror plot organised by the security services? Were some of the alleged plotters working for al Cia-da (al Qaeda).


Melbourne's Sunday Herald Sun said information from an Islamic "supergrass" who had met bin Laden had been crucial in the arrests of the alleged terrorists.

The newspaper said the informant, now in hiding and in fear of his life, was a former follower of radical Melbourne cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika, also known as Abu Bakir, the alleged leader of the terror group, and an associate of another alleged member of the Melbourne cell, Gregory Kent.

The informant had trained with al Qaeda in Pakistan in 2001, where bin Laden had asked him how Muslims were faring in Australia, before returning and co-operating with counter-terrorism officials, the Sunday Herald Sun said.


Double Agents - Militants Beware

Jordanian security forces evacuated Israelis from hotel before the bombing - according to Haaretz.


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Bali bomb 'mastermind' al-Farouq allowed to escape?

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