Tuesday, November 08, 2005

China's superior culture?

Has China got a superior culture?


The Independent newspaper, 8 November 2005, looks at China.

The Independent points out:

1. China executes about 10,000 people a year. Amnesty International says that in any three-month period, it kills more of its people than the rest of the world does over three years.

Innocent people are frequently killed. Most executions take place after sentences are imposed at rallies in front of massive crowds.

2. In Tibet, disappearances and torture of supporters of the Dalai Lama are commonplace.

3. Police psychiatrists systematically misdiagnose political dissidents, religious nonconformists, persistent complainers and petitioners, independent trade unionists, and whistleblowers against corruption as being "dangerously mentally ill". They are "treated" at mental asylums.

4. China is now the third or fourth mightiest military power in the world. There has been sabre-rattling against Taiwan and even Japan.

5. In the mostly Muslim autonomous region of Xinjiang, detainees are beaten with shackles, given electric shocks, and kicked unconscious.

6. China's drive for coal-fired power stations is vastly increasing the world output of greenhouse gases, and it is resisting limits. Within 20 years, its output will dwarf any cuts the rest of the world can make.

7. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion are restricted. Google has agreed to Beijing demands to exclude 'objectionable' links. Microsoft stops internet users searching for the words for democracy, freedom, human rights or demonstration.

Tony Blair and his New Labour Party are no doubt fans of the political system in China.


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