Friday, October 14, 2005

UK: Clarke opposes Iraq war. Cameron supports Iraq war.


In the UK there is a leadership contest in the opposition Conservative (Tory) Party.

Opposing the Iraq war - Ken Clarke
Supporting the Iraq war - David Cameron, David Davis, Liam Fox.

The media have tended to promote David Cameron or David Davis or Liam Fox.


In the first speech of his leadership campaign, Kenneth Clarke said the "disastrous" decision to invade Iraq was a catastrophic error that has made Britain a foremost target for Islamic extremists.

Clarke made it clear that he did not believe the Iraq war was just, and that "the reasons given to parliament for joining the invasion were bogus".

He said new anti-terror laws risk radicalising British Muslims.

Mr Clarke made caustic references to George Bush, the US president. "I share the late Robin Cook's suspicions that the Bush administration hope to pull out most of their troops in whatever way they can before next year's US mid-term elections," he said.

He warned that "US military tactics are alienating moderate Iraqi opinion", adding that Mr Blair should be a "candid friend" to the United States.

David Cameron said that he did support the war in Iraq.

Clarke's campaign was focused on positive issues, such as the need for better quality of life.
He gave a speech calling for tax breaks for childcare.

David Davis and Liam Fox are both pro-war, and will fight as centre-right candidates.


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