Friday, October 07, 2005

Scotland: average earnings would stand at £11,779 higher per person

'The Scotsman', 7 October 2005, reports on Scotland's oil wealth.

The Scottish National Party has said that Scotland's economy would have been £46 billion better off if Scotland been independent for the past 30 years and in control of the oil reserves.

SNP economy spokesman Jim Mather has said that, based on research into the Norwegian oil fund, Scotland's GDP would have been 59% higher than the current level and average earnings would stand at £11,779 higher per person.

Mr Mather told the Scottish Parliament: "When you look at that £46 billion, that would have generated an extra £18 million of income per annum and it's therefore easier to see we could have accumulated over those 30 years the £100 million that the Norwegians have in their oil find for future generations.

"In addition, that climate would have created greater life expectancy, a higher population level and a quality of service and infrastructure that would have boosted our economy."

Mr Mather said Scotland now had a second chance, with the current state of the world economy suiting small countries.

"The poor people in Scotland who are struggling to make ends meet, struggling to get a job, struggling to move forward, blaming themselves, suffering low self-esteem, need to look at this government and this failed system," he said.


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scroggg said...

Scotland, the ongoing experiment that the english government is carrying out
knowing it can, the Scots know all about the American/English alliance to bring war
on countries with resources they need, especially mineral wealth, for another
example you only have to look at why we allow/create a starving Africa because
it's safer to do that than make the country self-sufficent, they don't want that the Africans might think
for themselves and then what would happen, in other words the slave trade never ended.
sorry about the rant.

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