Thursday, October 13, 2005

Letter on Lockerbie by Dr Jim Swire

Extracts from a letter to The Herald, by Dr Jim Swire, 13 October 2005:

...Unfortunately, careful attention to the evidence heard at Zeist led me, as a layman, to the conclusion that the (self-confessedly) "circumstantial" prosecution case met neither the dictates of common sense, nor, more importantly, reasonable doubt.

Many others who have studied these events since, share my doubts.

The same evidence laid bare a host of reasons as to why involved goverments might want particular outcomes from the trial.

The evidence patently depended heavily upon the output of the relevant intelligence services (UK and US in particular) who presumably first serve the perceived interests of their host governments.

These services appeared to have an extensive role in deciding which witnesses would actually appear, what forensic material was presented and how it was assessed pre-trial...

Our group has always sought truth and justice over this tragedy and equally continually been refused an independent inquiry.

The SCCRC (Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission) must be given the opportunity to decide whether further appeal is warranted.

They must have the time to do this convincingly, while being aware that the longer the detention of an individual, who may or may not be guilty, continues, without full resolution, the greater the risk of damage to the name of the Scottish legal system.

Any change to the conditions of sentence introduced by the involved governments at this time will be interpreted as undermining the independence of the judicial system.

If Mr Megrahi were to be transferred to Libya he would be something of a hero and might lose his keenness for further appeal.

Should that happen, as one of many deeply involved parties I will not be alone in demanding of the SCCRC that they continue their decision-making process.

It remains our right both to know why our loved ones were not protected and to see the Scottish judicial process completed without governmental interference of any kind.

Dr Jim Swire, father of Flora, murdered at Lockerbie; member, "UK Families-Flight 103".



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