Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Death of the UK Conservative Party?


The UK Conservative Party is looking for a new leader. It has rejected its most popular candidate, the anti-Iraq-war Ken Clarke. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4352756.stm

It looks as if it is going to choose David Cameron, an Old Etonian toff who supports the Iraq War.

At University, Cameron belonged to the Bullingdon club, satirised by Evelyn Waugh as a bunch of hard-drinking aristocratic hooligans.

Contemporaries recall him boarding a bus in a tailcoat along with other members, including fellow Old Etonian Boris Johnson. 'Pot plants were hurled through the bus windows'.

'Daily Mail: Did Cameron Snort Cocaine Off the Inner Thighs of Teenage Maidens at Oxford?' http://5thnovember.blogspot.com/

The candidates for the Conservative Party leadership are David Cameron, David Davis and Liam Fox. Ken Clarke has been eliminated from the contest.

An extract from: http://5thnovember.blogspot.com/ :

David Davis is an ex-director of the heavily subsidised Tate & Lyle, where he masterminded the breaking of the dock union's old Dock Labour scheme. Even so, without the £127m of tax-payer subsidies last year, Tate & Lyle would have made a loss. Basher's leadership campaign is backed financially by Stanley Kalms of Dixons. Lord Kalm's is a major financier of the Conservative Party.

David Cameron is backed financially by Lord Harris of Carpet Right, and picks up the odd £27,000 a year from Urbium p.l.c., owners of establishments like Tiger Tiger where you can binge drink till all hours. Cheers!

Some ill-informed types have suggested that Dr Fox's The Atlantic Bridge think-tank could be a conduit for Neo-Con dollars for the doctor's campaign. Guido hears that this bridge has collapsed - not a good omen. Pfizer, a company which takes billions out of the NHS and spends millions corrupting the political process, sponsored the bridge, now they don't. Coincidentally, he was the Health shadow, now he isn't.


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