Wednesday, October 19, 2005

David Cameron and MI5 and MI6

Extract from a speech by David Cameron to the Foreign Policy Centre, 24 August 2005:

Are MI5 and MI6 equipped properly for this new terrorist era?

With a joint budget which is only one third of the DTI, there must be considerable doubts.

There are worrying indications that MI5, for example, did not have enough manpower to track one of the 7 July bombers, even though his name was clearly on the intelligence radar.

In America after 9/11 the White House established a Commission to look into the events of that tragic day. It asked tough questions and led to constructive reforms in intelligence and security.

Surely we can only benefit from a similar exercise here, which looks forward to the immense security challenges we face.

It would have the ability to question what has been done, and what requires to be done, to deal with the Jihadist terrorist threat.


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