Friday, October 21, 2005

Cocaine; Israelis; President Uribe...


Estonian police confiscate 43 kilos of cocaine from five Israelis

By Haaretz Service

'Estonian police announced Thursday they have detained five Israelis in the capital city of Tallinn, on charges of smuggling 43 kilos of top-grade Peruvian cocaine into the former Soviet republic, the Russian news agency Interfax reported.'

"It is termed The Cocaine Triangle.

"Its sides are: Colombian drug barons, Israeli-Jewish money launderers and Jewish-Russian mafiosi.

"The Colombians funnel the money, the Israelis launder it, the Russian mafiosi (who have recently overrun New York in droves) provide the security and the muscle."

Russian Organized Crime.

PBS/Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS) Task Force Report (1997)

"To date, U.S. Iaw enforcement officials have established a clear relationship between ROC [Russian Organized Crime] groups and La Cosa Nostra (LCN), the Italian-American criminal network in the United States ... Cooperative efforts between ROC groups and the Colombian drug cartels are centered in Miami..."

The Most Dangerous Mobster in the World.

Village Voice [New York], May 20-26, 1998

"The enigmatic leader of the [Russian] Red Mafia is a 52-year-old Ukrainian-born Jew named Semion Mogilevich. He is a shadowy figure known as the ''Brainy Don''--he holds an economics degree from the University of Lvov--and until now, he has never been exposed by the media.

"But the Voice has obtained hundreds of pages of classified FBI and Israeli intelligence documents from August 1996, and these documents--as well as recent interviews with a key criminal associate and with dozens of law enforcement sources here and abroad--describe him as someone who has become a grave threat to the stability of Israel and Eastern Europe ...

"The FBI and Israeli intelligence assert that he traffics in nuclear materials, drugs, prostitutes, precious gems, and stolen art.

"His contract hit squads operate in the U.S. and Europe. He controls everything that goes in and out of Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport, a ''smugglers' paradise,'' says [Monya] Elson. Mogilevich bought a bankrupt airline in a former Central Asian Soviet republic for millions of dollars in cash so he could haul heroin out of the Golden Triangle.

"Most worrisome to U.S. authorities is Mogilevich's apparently legal purchase of virtually the entire Hungarian armaments industry, jeopardizing regional security, NATO, and the war against terrorism."

Two Israelis Arrested in Largest Drug Bust in NYC History.

Jerusalem Post, July 20, 2001"Two Israeli citizens were arrested Tuesday night in Manhattan on drug possession charges after police seized more than a million Ecstasy tablets, the largest drug bust in New York City history."

Israel's Other Export. Moment, August-September 2001.

According to a U.S. State Department White Paper on Global Narcotics, issued in 1998, Israel is 'no longer just a user nation, but like Colombia, Thailand and Pakistan, it has also now become a trafficking power.'

The following is extracted from an article by Alex Constantine:


By Alex Constantine

...A report written in 1991 at the Pentagon - declassified in July2004 by the National Security Archives in Washington - lists 104 "more important Colombian narco-terrorists..."

Pablo Escobar is on the list. Colombian President Alvaro Uribe is also on it.

Uribe, according to the document, is a "Colombian politician and senator dedicated to collaboration with the Medellin cartel at high governmentlevels." He was "linked to a business involved in narcotics activities in the U.S."

Adnan Khashoggi's name was on... the list...

Richard Perle, assistant secretary of defense under Bush, was a business partner of Khashoggi's at TriReme Corp.


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