Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cabinda, Aceh, Southern Cameroons, Western Sahara, Igboland, Ogonoland, Somaliland, Turkoman, Assyrians...

Extracts from Wayne Madsen Report, 9 October 2005:

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) is a Hague-based international organization of ethnic minorities who are repressed by the New World Order triad of corporate, military, and neo-con totalitarianism...

On June 24, 2005, UNPO held its Eighth General Assembly in The Hague. Antonio Bento Bembe came to The Hague from the Angolan-occupied enclave of Cabinda, which has been fighting for independence against an unholy alliance of Angola, U.S. oil companies like Chevron Texaco, and U.S. mercenaries paid by the oil companies.

Bembe was arrested by Dutch police near The Hague's "Peace Palace," where the General Assembly was convening. The Bush administration quickly asked the Netherlands to extradite Bembe to the United States to stand trial.

The Dutch Foreign and Development ministries both expressed opposition to the arrest and suspected collusion between the Dutch Justice Ministry and the U.S. Justice Department, as well as the Department of State, headed by Condoleezza Rice, a former board director for Chevron and an opponent of self-determination for minority groups around the world where such support threatens the interests of oil and gas companies:

Aceh in Indonesia,

Southern Cameroons,

Western Sahara,

Igboland and Ogoniland in Nigeria,

and Somaliland.

The proposed Iraqi constitution, up for a referendum on October 15 that is widely expected to to be rigged by the neo-con occupation commissars, is being rejected by two ethnic minorities represented in UNPO -- the Turkoman and the Assyrians -- because it does not guarantee ethnic minority rights for their peoples.

All these regions, plus Cabinda, are experiencing civil wars being waged between poor, disenfranchised minorities and pillaging U.S. and British oil companies and their paid guns for hire.

Displaying the fact that the Bush administration is nothing more than a wholly-owned subsidiary of the U.S. oil industry, Bembe, a Cabindan peace negotiator, was arrested by the Dutch on the request of the Americans for his alleged role in the kidnapping of a Chevron employee in Cabinda in 1990.

Chevron and a network of shadowy mercenary firms, employing former members of the US Special Forces from Vietnam and the contra wars in Central America, have militarily supported the Angolan occupation of oil-rich Cabinda since 1975...

This editor pointed out in the 2003 article: "Just a brief overview of UNPO membership illustrates the battle lines: Muslims in Aceh province in northwest Sumatra are battling Indonesian army forcesfronting for Exxon Mobil, which has extensive installations in the province. The United States is considering resuming military aid to Indonesia to put down that rebellion and another involving UNPO member West Papua, an illegally annexed province fighting Indonesia and the U.S. mining company Freeport McMoran for control of its copper and other natural resources. UNPO member Cabinda, an Angolan enclave fighting for independence against Angola, is now being attacked by U.S. mercenaries in the pay of oil companies like Chevron, on whose board Condoleezza Rice once sat.

"Even native Americans are no longer safe from renewed Federal subjugation. One of the members of UNPO is the Sioux Lakota Nation, the scene of past bloody battles between encroaching Federal troops and FBI agent and the Sioux. With a mere stroke of a pen, the State Department can label the Lakota Sioux or native Hawaiians as linked to 'terrorists' in East Turkestan, Chechnya, or Burma (Myanmar) - and they can have their assets frozen and their leadership tossed into jails or large capacity 'detention centers' now being advanced by two Bush appointees on the U.S. Civil Rights Commission."

Recently, FBI agents murdered in cold blood a Puerto Rican independence leader. The Bush regime's lack of response to Hurricane Katrina has resulted in the depopulation of unique ethnic mixture of African Americans, Acadians ("Cajuns"), and Native Americans in Louisiana (see article directly below). The neo-cons have shown, just as did their Nazi co-ideologists sixty years ago, that they are avid supporters and facilitators of genocide and ethnic cleansing.


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