Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Britain carries out terrorist bombings in Iran?

Iran Focus, 30 Sep 2005, refers to a possible act of UK terrorism which killed 7 people.

"The Chief Prosecutor of Iran’s south-western province of Khuzestan accused Canada and the United Kingdom on Friday of supporting and training individuals that carried out a spate of bombings in the provincial capital of Ahwaz in June.

"Seyyed Khalil Akbar al-Sadat, speaking at a gathering of the chief prosecutors of the country’s 30 provinces, said, 'The Khuzestan bombers were in contact with Britain and Canada and were being backed by them'.

"'The primary individuals responsible for the bombings were Iranian and were supported by foreign forces. They had received training in Britain and Canada and were in contact with these countries via the internet and mail”, the chief prosecutor announced.

"On June 12, seven people were killed and another 75 injured as a result of four bomb blasts in the oil-rich city of Ahwaz."


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