Monday, October 24, 2005

BBC and press support for Neocon David Cameron?


David Cameron is suspected of being the favourite of the oligarchs and the Neocons. (David Cameron and the Neo-Cons )

Thus the people who write the BBC news are said to be supporting Cameron.

The Telegraph, 24 October 2005, reported on alleged BBC and press support for Cameron:

According to the Telegraph, The David Davis camp has accused the BBC and newspapers of clear bias against Davis.

Derek Conway is the Davis camp's "chief whip".

Mr Conway claims that Mr Davis had fallen victim to a "servile" media, particularly the BBC, which seemed to believe that because Mr Cameron was an old Etonian, he was "born to rule".,16518,1599306,00.html

On 24 October 2005 The Guardian reported that Derek Conway condemned the BBC for "taking leave of its senses in its support" for Mr Cameron, and said the written press was being "servile" towards him.

Mr Conway attacked the BBC's "support" for Mr Cameron. "I think the BBC have decided who they want to lead the Tory party." he said.

Mr Conway accused "the office of Michael Howard" of appalling behaviour and dirty tricks against Mr Davis.

Liam Fox, ousted by MPs from the contest on Thursday, was quoted in the Mail on Sunday accusing Mr Davis of spreading smears about his alleged gay past.


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