Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Who infiltrated the anti-apartheid movement?


Allegedly, the British security services like to infiltrate organisations such as the Anti-Apartheid Movement, CND, Oxfam, the Leonard Cheshire Homes, the Scottish National Party and the Labour Party.



According to The Guardian, 27 September 2005, newly released documents show how Special Branch infiltrated the Anti-Apartheid Movement.

Special Branch, on behalf of MI5, "penetrated the movement from top to bottom, infiltrating meetings, recruiting informers and obtaining documents."


Who were the infiltrators?


Peter Hain, was a prominent anti-apartheid campaigner.

In October 1975 Peter Hain was arrested and later tried at the Old Bailey for a bank theft he had not committed. Was he framed by the South African security services?

Peter Hain is now a minister in Blair's cabinet.


SUNDAY HERALD, UK: Nelson Mandela is ... named as an MI6 agent who... allowed UK spying operations to be based in South Africa. Allegations of Mandela's recruitment by the British intelligence service ... revealed in a controversial new book, 'MI6: Fifty Years of Special Operations,' by the acclaimed intelligence expert Stephen Dorril.


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