Monday, September 05, 2005

Typical British soldiers?

It was 'gratuitous violence' meted out on a number of 'innocent and unarmed' civilians.

An 18-year-old was killed during an "unjustified" and "gratuitous" assault involving seven British soldiers, according to evidence given to a military court in Colchester, Essex.

Nadhem Abdullah was killed in Iraq in May 2003.

The attack took place three weeks after the "formal cessation" of the war, Martin Heslop QC told the court.

The soldiers entered the southern Iraqi village during a patrol and "brutally assaulted a number of unarmed Iraqi civilians, causing serious injuries from which one died", Mr Heslop said.

He added: "During the course of the incident, two women who tried to intervene were assaulted, one being pregnant at the time and the other having given birth two weeks before."

The soldiers had not been under attack, or defending themselves, Mr Heslop said.

"It was, I am afraid to say, nothing more than gratuitous violence meted out on a number of innocent and unarmed Iraqi civilians. These assaults were unjustified and wholly unprovoked."


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