Thursday, September 08, 2005

Police rape and torture of children

Extracts from a Human Rights Watch report:

Police Beatings, Rape, and Torture of Children in Papua New Guinea:

Girls and sometimes boys are vulnerable to sexual abuse by police. In interviews with Human Rights Watch, girls and women told us about rapes, including pack rape, in police stations, vehicles, barracks, and other locations. In some cases, police carried out rapes in front of witnesses. Witnesses described seeing police rape girls and women vaginally and orally, sometimes using objects such as beer bottles...

Police often detain girls and women on pretextual grounds, rape them, and release them without ever taking them to the police station; in some cases police demand sex in exchange for release.107 “They never take us to the station and charge us,” explained a nineteen-year-old woman who later said she had witnessed police rape others. “They take us to the bushes and forcefully have sex with us.”108

A policeman in Goroka told an NGO/UNICEF researcher in 2004 that it is common for night duty police to threaten young women in police custody with long prison sentences “unless they agree to let the police take turns having intercourse with them.”109

He also admitted that police often offer lifts to young girls on the roadside and rape them...

Boys also reported sexual abuse by police, including anal and oral rape...


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