Monday, September 26, 2005

More allegations concerning Aswat and robberies in Ireland.

From: The New Criminologist.

Christopher Berry-Dee, at New Criminologist, 25 September 2005, reports that an FBI agent has threatened a former USDA federal agent, Dr Janette Parker, now a staff reporter for The New Criminologist.

According to New Criminologist:

Haroon Aswat – the man British Police believe was behind the London bombings – was working for MI6; it has been confirmed by leading U.S. and French intelligence asset/agents.

Now an FBI agent in Seattle ...has demanded that former USDA federal agent, Dr Janette Parker, stop talking to the British media about how the FBI obstructed their own top terrorism investigator, John O’Neill in his enquiries.

Dr Parker writes: “The American press can be silenced but not the British press. MI5 and MI6 are not happy about the intelligence failure on the American side of the Atlantic, especially withholding information about Haroon Aswat’s intention for additional bombings and his fund raising in Seattle area in March 2002 (after 911).”

...The FBI can assert that Haroon was not in Seattle on March 6, 2002, but British intelligence had him under close surveillance and they know whether he was in England or not.

Dr Parker... is supported by many other FBI agents and John Loftus (see:

... British citizens should be demanding of Prime Minister Blair why SIS/MI6 was using Haroon Aswat as an agent, and why, as John Loftus claims, was Aswat, who was on the British security services ‘Watch List’, allowed to leave the UK, when the British Police were desperately searching for him?

...In a chilling observation, our source, who has been verified as having carried out executions on behalf of H.M. Government, and MI6, and a man who has served 25-years for terrorism offenses, added:

“The Northern Ireland Bank Robbery…the Dublin Art theft…the stealing of millions of pounds of UK Government Bonds – two in the name of Mark Thatcher – has all been covered up…MI6 would order me to commit murder, then the SAS would try and shoot me because I knew too much.”

“International terrorism is VERY BIG business,” our source confirmed. “The U.S. and UK trade in terrorism like it is some kind of off-the-shelf commodity. Forget the destruction of lives to normal people, women and children. I have been there and done it all. Your Dr Parker has done the right thing. Like me she is cladding herself with insurance – like a Kevlar jacket, and I wish her all the best.”...

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