Monday, September 19, 2005

MI6 caught with explosives in BASRA?

Posted by Useless_Eater, on 19 September 2005, at Rumormill News:

Two British 'soldiers' have been arrested in Basra. They were stopped at a checkppoint and began shooting at the Iraqi police, but were eventually arrested. The "soldiers" were dressed as locals and the car they were driving was found to be carrying weapons, ammunition and explosives!

The following BBC report on this incident fails to mention this crucial element of the story, and questions why the two 'soldiers' were arrested.

I am telling you about the weapons and explosives because initial reports on the BBC radio referred to them. Later reports, including the following online report, fail to mention them.
The spin is that the two were working undercover.


"Two British military personnel have been arrested in Iraq amid claims they fired at police during a second day of unrest in the southern city of Basra. The MoD could not confirm reports they were working undercover, adding the reason for their detention was unknown."


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