Friday, September 30, 2005

Livingston and Cathcart vote to remain poor, downtrodden and fascist.

Livingston- Blair's Labour party: 12,319.
Scottish National Party: 9,639.
Cathcart- Labour: 5,811.

SNP: 3,406.


Scotland is like Nigeria - lots of oil wealth and lots of miserable poverty and corruption.

Scotland has been cheated out of 30 years of oil wealth.

Blair's New Labour is in power in Scotland. The results:

* One third of children in Scotland grow up in poverty.

* 10 percent of workers take home less than 55 percent of Britain's average wage, the highest number ever recorded.

* Less than half of local government housing tenants have jobs,

* Children in Glasgow’s Easterhouse housing estate are five time more likely to die before their first birthday than the UK average.


On 29 September 2005 the people of Livingston in Scotland, and the people of Cathcart in Scotland, had a chance to vote in by-elections.

They had a chance to make headlines around the world by voting against Blair's 'fascist' policies which favour the warmongers and the corrupt elite.

They had a chance to set Scotland on the road to prosperity by voting for independence.

But, too many of them stayed at home.

O Flower of Scotland,
When will we seeYour like again,
That fought and died for,
Your wee bit Hill and Glen...

The Hills are bare now,
And Autumn leaves lie thick and still,
O'er land that is lost now...


On 29 September 2005, Blair's Labour party won the Glasgow Cathcart seat (Edinburgh parliament) with a majority of 2405 over the SNP, ensuring the Labour-Liberal Democrat majority at Holyrood remains at five.

The victory was despite Labour's embarrassment at its former MSP, Lord Watson of Invergowrie, being jailed for 16 months last week for fire-raising at an Edinburgh hotel.

In Livingston, Labour had a majority of 2680 over the SNP, down from 13,097.

The SNP made substantial progress in the West Lothian seat, registering a 10.2% swing.

Turnout in Glasgow Cathcart fell below 32%, meaning Labour won with only one in eight of the electorate.

In Livingston, turnout was 38.6%, down from 47% in 2003.



Nicola Sturgeon, SNP deputy leader, said the Livingston swing would win 28 seats for the SNP if the same pattern were followed nationally.

The Scots (except for Labour voters in places like Cathcart and Livingston) are a clever people.

Scotland provided most of the thinking that has made our modern world. Think of people like James Clerk Maxwell, David Hume, Adam Smith, Alexander Graham Bell, Samuel Morse, William Thompson (Lord Kelvin) and James Watt.

The people of Cathcart and Livingston may yet sober up and start using their brains.

Scotland's true oil wealth was hidden to stop independence.

Scotland to become richest nation in Europe?


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