Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Germany is the world's single biggest exporter; UK could be Europe's sick man; Scottish Power.


"Germany's E.ON last night electrified Britain's energy industry when it revealed that it was considering an all-cash offer for the £10bn rated ScottishPower.

"The Dusseldorf-based company already ranks as Britain's second biggest gas and electricity supplier through its Powergen subsidiary and is also the UK's second largest electricity generator."


Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, in the Telegraph 5 September 2005, wrote that 'Britain could soon be Europe's sick man again.'

Germany, not the USA, is now the world's biggest single exporter.

Germany makes the hardware that powers the economies of Asia and eastern Europe.

Germany's trade surplus is greater than that of China, Japan and India combined.

Evans-Pritchard writes:

"Britain could soon be Europe's sick man again, gasping and choking with the worst of the big-government sclerotics."


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