Monday, September 19, 2005

British 'undercover' soldiers 'carrying explosives kill Iraqi policeman'. Is Britain secretly at war with the government of Iraq?


Is Britain secretly at war with the government of Iraq?

According to the BBC, two British 'soldiers' were stopped at a checkppoint and began shooting at the Iraqi police, but were eventually arrested. One policeman was killed. The "soldiers" were dressed as locals and the car they were driving was found to be carrying weapons, ammunition and explosives.

Were the British 'soldiers' going to use the explosives to stage some terror incident?

According to the BBC, 19 September 2005:

UK forces used tanks to break down the walls of a jail where two British soldiers were being held in the Iraqi city of Basra, according to reports.

The soldiers' arrests had sparked clashes in the city in which British tanks came under attack and two civilians were reportedly killed.

Basra's governor said the demolition was a 'barbaric act of aggression'.

British officials said the men were back in UK forces' custody but would not say how this had happened.

Civilians 'killed'

The BBC's Richard Galpin said it seemed more and more as if British forces had stormed the prison.

Witnesses told the Associated Press that around 150 prisoners escaped at the same time.

Earlier, two British tanks, sent to the police station where the soldiers are being held, were set alight in clashes.

Crowds of angry protesters hurled petrol bombs and stones injuring three servicemen and several civilians.

TV pictures showed soldiers in combat gear, clambering from one of the flaming tanks and making their escape.

A local council spokesman said two civilians were killed in the earlier clashes. Up to 15 civilians were also reported injured in the demonstrations.

Tensions have been running high in the city since the arrest of a senior figure in the Shia Mehdi Army by UK troops.

Civilian clothes

An Iraqi official in Basra said the British military had informed him the detained men were under cover soldiers.

This has not been confirmed, but pictures of two soldiers being detained in police cells show the men wearing civilian clothes.

The official said: "They were driving a civilian car and were dressed in civilian clothes when a shooting took place between them and Iraqi patrols.

"We are investigating and an Iraqi judge is on the case questioning them."

MI6 caught with explosives in BASRA?


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