Sunday, August 07, 2005

USA aiding nuclear weapons development in Iran, Turkey...?

Jason Leopold, at world news trust 6 August 2005, wrote that Halliburton reportedly sold an Iranian oil development company key components for a nuclear reactor.

In 1991, Halliburton reportedly sold Libya nuclear detonator devices. The company paid more than $3 million in fines for violating a U.S. trade embargo.

Halliburton first started doing business in Iran as early as 1995, while Vice President Cheney was chief executive of the company.

Did the FBI shield Pakistan/Turkey nuclear weapons development?

John Stanton, at Online Journal 9 March 2005 wrote that Pakistan has nuclear weapons and Turkey 'can't be far behind'.

Some quotes from Stanton:

"It really is the same old story we've all read about for so many decades and features these recurring themes: the black market for nuclear weapons technology, drug trade and money laundering, lobbyists housed in powerful organization, espionage and bribes, and big political and business names...

"How did Pakistan and Turkey escaped US scrutiny while developing nuclear weapons and Turkey helped pay for them with drug money?

"... The idea, promoted in Washington circles was to construct a bulwark alliance of US-backed Muslim countries: Pakistan and Turkey...

" 'Khan, Father of the Pakistani bomb, was willing to sell blueprints, centrifuges, and the latest in weaponry. He was the worst nuclear-arms proliferator in the world and he's pardoned—with not a squeak from the White House.'"



"The names Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld recur as reference points throughout American, Turkish, Pakistani relationships beginning as early as 1975 when President Gerald Ford, taking the advice of then staff members Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, vetoed the arms embargo on Pakistan. Earlier in 1974, the same two would save Turkey from a dreaded arms embargo."


From Expatica:

CIA asked us to let nuclear spy go, Ruud Lubbers claims

9 August 2005 — The CIA asked the Netherlands not to detain Pakistani scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan for stealing nuclear secrets from a Dutch facility, former Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers has claimed...

It emerged later that Khan also headed a clandestine network that sold on nuclear know-how to Libya, North Korea and Iran. Although there was mounting evidence of Khan's illicit activities by 2001, this was only made public in 2004.

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