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Transsexuals - Power struggle in Indonesia -Factions within the Indonesian elite.


The vast majority of Indonesian Moslems are peaceful moderates. However, there are occasional stirrings of right-wing Islamic militancy. Who are the puppet masters behind the militants? It is difficult to tell who gains.

Indonesia's civilian minister of defense, Juwono Sudarsono, who was educated at the London School of Economics, has said that even after the democratic presidential election of 2004, the military "retains the real levers of power."

The Bali bomb may have helped former general Susilo Bangbang Yudhoyono to become president.

President Yudhoyono, a former general, was one of the last Indonesian officers to receive training at a United States staff college.

Yudhoyono is seen by some as being sympathetic to America's 'war on terror'.

The deaths of two American teachers in Indonesia in 2002 has been a problem for US-Indonesian relations. The Indonesian police concluded in a report soon after the killings that elements in the Indonesian military were responsible for the deaths.

The military chief is Gen. Ryamizard Ryacudu. He was not trained in the USA and is suspected by some as being hostile to aspects of American policy.


Some people suspect that militant Moslem organisations are being used by different factions of the military as part of a power struggle.


July 05, 2005

From The Jakarta Post, Jakarta:

At least 50 members of religious hard-line group Islam Defenders Front (FPI) sought an explanation from Governor Sutiyoso about the latter's stance on gambling and transsexuals.

"We want to hear from Sutiyoso himself whether or not he has donated Rp 100 million of the city budget to the pageant for transsexuals recently, and if he supports the idea of legalizing gambling in the city," said FPI's paramilitary wing commander Ahmad Sabri Lubis.

He met with Sutiyoso's subordinates, as the Governor was in a meeting.

Lubis said the organization suspected that Sutiyoso had ignored prevailing regulations which outlaw beauty pageants for transsexuals as well as gambling.

Lubis claimed that the FPI received a tip-off that Sutiyoso was also present at the beauty contest and donated around Rp 100 million for the event held at the Sarinah building on Jl. MH Thamrin in Central Jakarta early last week.

More than 100 FPI members came to protest against the Miss Waria Indonesia, but the organizers refused to bow down to the protesters' demand to stop the event and went on with the contest under heavy security provided by the police.

In addition, Lubis said that FPI also alleged that Sutiyoso's administration was attempting to permit gambling businesses in the capital.

He asserted that by tolerating the beauty contest, Sutiyoso's administration had shown "serious contempt for Islamic teachings and law, which would lead to devastation of the whole society".
Another protester, who introduced himself as a representative of FPI West Java warned that Sutiyoso's stance would become a precedent for other provinces in the country.


Source The Jakarta Post:

Back in November 2004, Susilo Yudhoyono appeared not to be in favour of Ryamizard Ryakudu becoming military chief.


Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. That's the principle Ryamizard Ryacudu apparently had in mind when he sent a warning signal to public at the Army's anniversary on 22/12/03...

"If there is a deliberate attempt to divide the nation," added Ryacudu, the son-in-law of former Vice President and retired general Try Sutrisno, "the army should step in. The Army does not want this country to fall apart."

...Since the clash between the Army's airborne unit and the police in Binjai, North Sumatra last year and clashes in Sulawesi and Kalimantan this year, a military source told Laksamana.Net that Ryacudu is concerned about the possibility of further clashes between the Army and the Police in a situation where the Army has lost many of its financial sources.

The remnants of the Suharto regime, especially the retired generals, believed to have virtually unlimited financial resources, are in a position to organize intelligence operations in cooperation with their supporters among the Resort Military Commands to create public disturbances and instigate clashes with the Police.


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