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Robin Cook, Livingston, nuclear weapons, Israel, heart attack victims.


Robin Cook was Member of Parliament forLivingston.

The Livingston result in the last election was:

Robin Cook Labour 22,657 votes
51.1% of the votes
-4.1% since previous election

Angela Constance SNP 9,560
21.6% of the votes

Charles Dundas Liberal Democrat 6,832

Alison Ross Conservative 4,499

Steven Nimmo Scottish Socialist Party 789


Robin Cook wrote in the Guardian, 29 July 2005:

"It was the Wilson government of the 60s that built, launched and named the Polaris fleet. It was Jim Callaghan who first struck the Trident deal with President Carter, eccentrically in a beach hut on Guadeloupe...

"It is not easy to see what practical return Britain ever got out of the extravagant sums we invested in our nuclear systems. None of our wars was ever won by them and none of the enemies we fought was deterred by them...

"It is not as if the large sums that would be required to keep us in the nuclear game would buy us an independent weapon. Dan Plesch documents in an impressive forthcoming report that all levels of the Trident system depend on US cooperation. The missiles are not even owned by us, but are leased from the Pentagon in an arrangement that Denis Healey once dubbed as "rent-a-rocket". Renewing our collaboration with the US on nuclear weapons will deepen the bonds between Downing Street and the White House, at the very time when the rest of the nation longs for a more independent stance...

"Brazil and Argentina negotiated a treaty to terminate their rival nuclear programmes. Ukraine and other former Soviet states renounced the nuclear capacity they inherited. South Africa, post-apartheid, abandoned its nuclear programme and dismantled its weapon capacity.

"None of those countries regards itself as any less secure than before..."


Robin Cook wanted Britain to be more independent of the USA and Israel. He was a possible candidate to take over from Blair.


Heart attacks after the assassination of JFK:

In 1964, Bill Chesher, thought to have information linking Oswald and Ruby, died of a heart attack. In the same year, Guy Banister, x-FBI agent in New Orleans connected to Ferrie, the CIA, Carlos Marcello & Oswald died of a heart attack. In 1965, Tom Howard, Ruby's first lawyer, died of a heart attack. In 1966, heart attack victims were Judge Joe Brown who presided over Ruby's trial, Earlene Roberts, Oswald's landlady, and Hank Suydam theLife magazine official in charge of JFK stories. A heart attack victim in 1968 was Dr. Nicholas Chetta New Orleans coroner. Charles Mentesana, who filmed a rifle other than a Mannlicher-Carcano being taken from the Depository, died of a heart attack in 1969. In 1972 J. Edgar Hoover died of a heart attack. Deaths from heart attacks in 1976 included Ralph Paul, Ruby's business partner, James Chaney, the Dallas motorcycle officer riding to JFK's right rear who said JFK was "struck in the face" with bullet and Dr. Charles Gregory, Governor John Connally's physician....


After the two-day postmortem at the Raigmore hospital in Inverness, a Crown Office statement was released stating: "The procurator fiscal for Tain and Dornoch can confirm that a postmortem examination following the death of Robin Cook MP has established the cause of death as hypertensive heart disease."

More than four in 10 men and a third of women in the UK have high blood pressure.


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Anonymous said...

Do you know why there was a sudden upsurge in 1976 heart attacks? George Bush was head of CIA. He (reportedly)took that job solely to get rid of JFK documents that implicated him in the asassination.

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