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Madrid Bombs


Rafa Zuher and Jose Emilio Suarez were involved in the Madrid bomb plot, according to the authorities.

Spain's El Mundo newspaper said Moroccan Rafa Zuher and Spaniard Jose Emilio Suarez had been in contact with police before the attacks.


The London Times:

"THE man accused of supplying the dynamite used in the al-Qaeda train bombings in Madrid was in possession of the private telephone number of the head of Spain’s Civil Guard bomb squad, it emerged yesterday.

"Emilio Suárez Trashorras, who is alleged to have supplied 200kg of dynamite used in the bombs, had obtained the number of Juan Jesús Sánchez Manzano, the head of Tedax."


Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez has confirmed allegations first published in the Spanish daily El Pais on December 13 that the former Popular Party (PP) government led by José María Aznar ordered the destruction of computer records dealing with the key period between the Madrid train bombings and the general election held three days later that it lost to Zapatero’s Socialist Workers Party (PSOE).

El Pais reported that a specialist computer company was paid $12,000 to erase the computer records, including back-up security copies.


Resource: Telepolis, March 13, 2004

Mathias Broeckers published an article on the 'telepolis' website March 13, with the headline:

"Al Qaeda, ETA - Gladio?"Broeckers sees a link between the Madrid bombs and the bomb attack on the central station of Bologna in August 1980.

Between 1969 and 1980, 245 people were killed in bomb attacks on central stations, trains and frequented squares in Italy.

Fifteen years after the Bologna incident, the culprits were caught.

Two fascists were arrested and sentenced, along with two members of the Italian secret services, as well as the head of the P-2 lodge, Licio Gelli, and his aide, CIA agent Francesco Pazienza.

The Gladio network began to be revealed.

The Gladio network, reportedly run by the CIA and other security services, used the Strategy of Tension to terrorize the Italian population and advance a fascist agenda.


From Xymphora, June 12, 2004

The Spanish police and the Madrid 'terrorists'

Three of the suspects in the Madrid bombings were informants for a police inspector in northern Spain.

They made calls to the policeman and to the alleged ringleader of the bombing plot from the same pay phone outside the police station...

The bombings were not traditional terrorism, but were part of a strategy of tension orchestrated by the Spanish far right to influence the Spanish election results (thwarted by the refusal of the Spanish media to play along and by Aznar's bungling attempts to use the bombings for his political benefit).

The Spanish police would have been heavily involved in this, and one would expect close connections between the police and the alleged terrorists.


July 26, 2004

The Spanish police continue to plant evidence in the Madrid bombing case (my italics and bold type):

"Police in Spain have found a second car used in the train bombings in Madrid in March, reports say.The abandoned rental car was discovered in the town of Alcala de Henares, where several of the bombs are thought to have been loaded on to trains, in June.Spanish newspaper El Mundo said the car was parked 30 metres from where another vehicle also believed to have been used by the bombers was found."


"A resident of the Madrid suburb alerted police to the car after noticing it had been abandoned, El Mundo said. Police treated it as a stolen vehicle and returned it to the rental company, whose staff started to clean it - before discovering a suitcase inside containing suspicious material. 'Much of the evidence that the terrorists left inside the car disappeared in the course of the cleaning of the car,' the daily said. DNA tests confirmed that the car was used by two suspected suspects in the case, one of whom blew themselves (sic) up in a flat in April to avoid arrest, the report said."

I think even people who find conspiracy theory silly are going to have trouble with this one. The police:

1. failed to examine a car found 30 meters from another vehicle which is supposed to have been used by the bombers; and

2. when alerted that the car appeared to be abandoned in the area of the terrorist car, returned it without having any suspicions about it, and in particular missed the suitcase containing 'suspicious material' (does it remind you of 'Atta's' suitcase found at Logan Airport?);

3. to a rental company which gave it such a cleaning it destroyed nearly all the evidence except, conveniently, DNA evidence which tied the car to two suspected suspects in the case;

4. one of whom had blown himself up in what remains a very troubling incident when the main supposed terrorist plotter, while surrounded by police, conveniently made himself permanently unavailable before he could proclaim his innocence or for whom he was working.

The suitcase contained the cliché cassettes with calls to jihad and martyrdom. After discovering this evidence, the police waited one month before bothering to mention it to the judge investigating the case (the police claim they were being 'cautious'). It is clear that as evidence continues to mount showing connections between the patsies and Spanish police, the police are starting to panic, and are resorting to some rather obvious evidence manufacturing.



March 19, 2004

You can see how absurdly easy it is to create a fake 'al-Qaeda' terrorist attack. Take one petty criminal from Madrid of plausible ethnicity and pay him some money to hang out with some people who the authorities can associate with al-Qaeda. After the bomb attack, either plant a bag of unexploded bombs or find a real dud bag and, while it is in the police station, put a phone and a phone card from the shop of the petty criminal in the bag. The criminal is instantly turned into Lee Harvey Oswald, and the bombing attack is instantly turned into an act of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism.


March 18, 2004

1. The main suspect, Jamal Zougam appears to have been a petty scammer and fence who dealt in stolen telephones and credit cards brought to him by a ring of pickpockets in Madrid.

One business associate who had visited him just before the attack said:

"I know what he is accused of, but this is not the Jamal we know."

Mahabur al-Farhon, who owns a boutique close to Zougam's shop, said:

"When we had a beer together he never talked about religion. He was more interested in making money."

Zougam is tied into the bombings by a phonecard said to have come from his shop which was found in the one bag of bombs which did not explode. The reason it did not explode is supposedly because the trigger for the explosion, a phone call to a disposable cell phone in the bag, was not made. The reason the call was not made? Because the terrorists forgot (or because they set the clock on one detonator for 19:40 rather than 7:40)! The famous bag itself was found in a police station, where it supposedly had been taken by the police along with other luggage found at the scene of the bombing. The Spanish authorities don't seem comfortable with witness statements that Zougam was on the train, so the fact one of his phones and phonecards were used really doesn't prove anything except that someone involved may have bought them from him.

2. A group of radical Muslims had moved into Zougam's neighborhood recently, but Zougam was never seen in their company. He liked to go to nightclubs, was interested in sporting the latest fashions, and had boasted about his many girlfriends. In other words, he was just like Mohamed Atta, another 'Islamic fundamentalist' with decidedly un-fundamentalist choices in lifestyle!

3. Moroccan authorities have identified the three arrested Moroccans as Jamal Zugam, 30, an office worker, Muhammad Bekkali, 31, a mechanic and Muhammad Chaui, 34, a factory worker. They are not known to be connected to terrorism (and the Moroccans appear to be on top of such things). This is eerily reminiscent of the stolen identities used in the 9-11 attack.

4. The Abu Hafs al Masri Brigade, which took credit for the bombings, may not actually exist.

5. Of the five arrested men, three are said to be Moroccans (with five other Moroccan suspects not yet apprehended), and two are supposed to be from India. Although it may be a translation problem, they were described as being of 'Hindu' origin, odd members for al-Qaeda! It is interesting that initially the men of 'Hindu' origin were simply being questioned and were not expected to be arrested.

6. There were no suicide bombers.

If 'Jamal Zougam' (if that is his real name) was involved, and that is certainly not proven, it seems likely he did it for money rather than for religious ideals. If so, anyone could have hired him. The complete absence of any timely claim to have done the act from any known terrorist group makes it highly unlikely that it was a terrorist act in the traditional sense (I don't see any of the late claims of responsibility as being credible). The weavers of stories have already started their work of tying 'Jamal Zougam' into the web of international Islamic terrorism. Don't believe the hype!



March 20, 2004

Lee Harvey Oswald said: "I am just a patsy."

One of the co-accused in the Madrid bombing case, Mohamed Bekkali, on entering the courtroom shouted (or here):

"I am innocent! I am innocent!"

Real terrorists are proud to take credit for what they have done. Patsies yell out their innocence. The supposed ringleader, Jamal Zougam, wept. Isn't he supposed to be defiant to the court and proud of what he has done? These are some weird terrorists.



Kurt Nimmo reminds us that the alleged bombers in Spain blew themselves up as police closed in.

Nimmo writes:"It was convenient because dead men tell no tales."

Now there are unconfirmed reports British police killed two 'suicide bombers' outside the HSBC tower at Canary Wharf in London, according to the New Zealand Herald.

"Following the shooting, the 8000 workers in the 44-storey tower were told to stay away from windows and remain in the building for at least six hours," a New Zealand man working for Reuters in London told the newspaper.

Another coincidence is the alleged participation of Mohammed al-Gerbouzi in the London bombings.

"As head of the Group of Islamic Combatants of Morocco, he has been linked to the Madrid atrocities and bombings in Casablanca two years ago when 40 people died," according to the Edinburgh Evening News. "Mohammed al Gerbouzi is said to have been living with his family in Britain for 16 years. It is understood he was granted indefinite leave to remain in the country, despite warnings from Morocco that he posed a threat."

Nimmo notes: Isn’t it odd a potential threat to security such as al-Gerbouzi is allowed to walk around?

"A former pupil of cleric Abu Qatada—said to be Osama Bin Laden’s European ambassador—Gerbouzi is alleged by the Spanish authorities to have spoken to some of the Madrid bombers twice in the hours before they blew themselves up as police closed in."

Nimmo wonders if the bombers al-Gerbouzi talked with are the same ones accused of working with the Spanish police.



Joe Vialls wrote:

"In what appeared to be a chilling and apparently stupid rerun of 9-11, police officers were tipped off by media about a suspicious white van parked near Alcala de Henares railway station, which was then found to contain a handful of detonators, and several Muslim religious tracts on a cassette tape...

"The western media already knew that the platform surveillance videotapes at Alcala de Henares showed no trace of any 'Muslim Terrorists' boarding any of the four bombed trains...

"Police found a planted unexploded haversack bomb in one of the train wrecks...

"One of the biggest illusions of the Madrid operation, lay in convincing you the public that a large crowd of nimble terrorists just hopped on board all four trains as they were 'passing through' Alcala de Henares railway station on the down platform towards Atocha...

"Each of the ten blasts would have required between 40 and 50 pounds of high-order military explosive in the C4/Semtex-H category... This would have required ten [strong] terrorists each lugging a huge haversack... Strange then that no eyewitness at Alcala de Henares remembers seeing any of them...

"There was no fire at any of the ten blast sites, proving in turn that high-order military explosives were used in considerable quantities...

"You will note that some of the fragments buried in the shredded roof panels, are in fact shrapnel from the floor of the carriage itself...

"It is impossible for bits of the floor to become embedded in the roof, unless the charges were fixed BELOW the floor before detonation.
This is borne out by the fact that the train disabled outside Atocha station had its back completely broken in two different places.

"(The bombs) were placed on the rolling stock under cover of darkness, while the trains were stationary during the night...

"Every one of the four trains were 'first service', i.e. each was making its first run of the day from its respective overnight depot, after being serviced and cleaned...

"Iit is beyond reasonable doubt that Spanish Rail identity cards were used... They had direct access to the secure Spanish Rail computer system.

According to The Australian newspaper:

"The [Madrid] terrorists who blew themselves up while shouting 'God is great' were following al-Qa'ida's textbook policy of self-destruction when cornered."

According to Vialls, "photos taken immediately after the blast prove that this was an expert demolition job. The thin front walls of the Madrid apartment block have been neatly blown out with light frame charges, leaving the pillars, floors and rear walls in pristine condition, unmarked by soot...

"The fictional 'al-Qaeda' group is notionally Arabic, with Osama Bin Laden as its titular head. But as any Arab including Bin Laden will assure you, many of the complex English words used in the forged 'al Qaeda Suicide Manual' simply do not exist in Arabic. As to its origin, the forgery was handed to Police Special Branch by a member of the British Secret Intelligence Service [MI6]..."


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