Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Israeli presence in Iraq?


According to judicial-inc:

"General Tommy Franks is a Zionist Jew of Russian descent, and General Natonski who flattened Fallujah, is a Zionist Jew of Polish descent

"General Natonski let his troops flatten the town of Fallujah, and kill an estimated 6,000, of which 80% were civilians who were decimated in indiscriminate air strikes and artillery barrages.

"The Pentagon sent US officers to Israel to 'observe' urban warfare techniques (bulldozing houses and shooting kids). Now, you have IDF officers in Iraq, 'advising' our Marine command on how to carry out counter-insurgency operations.

"A Mossad bomb making facility blew up in Kirkuk, when a bomb prematurely exploded during manufacture.

"There are 25,000 mercenaries operating in Iraq, hired through such Israeli-connected companies like CACI, Titan, Zapata, and Triple Canopy. Mercenaries working for Zapata, a firm that handles bomb disposal, were caught and detained, after ambushing Marines in Fallujah.
The mercenaries are $200,000-a-year killers, that are led by $350,000-a-year Israeli military veterans."


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