Sunday, August 21, 2005

De menezes and the pathologist


General Medical Council Press Release 5 August 2005:

The following doctors have received a Notice of Inquiry from the GMC. This confirms the start date, length and location of their Fitness to Practise hearing.

Mr K Shorrock 5 September 2005 9 September 2005 Manchester.


The pathologist who dealt with the death of de Menezes is Dr Kenneth Shorrock.

Why was Dr Shorrock at the post mortem conducted on July 27th, (at which senior investigating police officers were present) told the following:

“This man’s death occurred as part of the emergency relating to the planting of bombs on public transport in London. On the morning of the 22nd July 2005 he was pursued by armed police officers as a result of surveillance. He was followed into Stockwell Tube Station where he vaulted over the ticket barrier. He ran downstairs and onto a tube train where it appears that he stumbled. The officers then immobilised him and a number of shots were fired. At the present time I am not sure as to any further details.”


According to the Mail on Sunday, 21 August 2005, Dr Shorrock says he cannot remember who it was that gave him the false version of the events surrounding the death of de Menezes..

The Mail on Sunday, 21 August 2005, points out that Dr Shorrock is facing disciplinary action by the General medical Council over allegations concerning another post-mortem report.


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