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"7/7 Bombers" movements Physically Impossible

"7/7 Bombers" movements Physically Impossible
By: FinancialOutrage on: 26.08.2005


On 7/7 it was physically impossible for the 'supposed' London bombers to be filmed at 7.22 am at Luton Station and also catch a train which arrived at Kings Cross prior to being filmed at 8 .26 am

The London Police claim the bombers were photographed at the Luton station, then rode the 7:40 train to King's Cross, where they were photographed again. But according to the actual train timetable, the 7:40 train was cancelled that day and even had it not been cancelled, would not have arrived in time for the men to be photographed at King's Cross at 8:26.

Trains - Luton To Kings Cross

Between 7.00 am - 8.00 am Thursday, 7th July, 2005

leave arrive
Luton Kings X
7.04 7.40
7.08 8.26
7.16 8.18
7.20 8.18
7.24 8.20
7.38 8.40
7.58 8.43

Thameslink supplied 'Actual Train Times' as opposed to Original Timetable

Further Details Regarding the Time it Takes to Walk to the Platform and why the 7.24 AM Train was NOT an Option

If you go to Luton station you will clearly see that it takes 3 minutes 35 seconds to get to the platform, without even buying a ticket, never mind four individuals each buying four individual tickets, and carrying large rucksacks.

You have to go through the ground floor entrance, up a long flight of stairs, turn left along a long passageway to the ticket office, then you have to go half way downstairs, view the 6 screens to see which platform you are going from, and along another corridor and then down the stairs to find the platform.

The police's official press releases and statements said that they got on the 7.40 AM train and arrived at around 8.20 AM - that is the official MANTRA - it's quoted everywhere. Nowhere did they ever say that they got on a train at 7.24 AM.

There are cameras all over the place, particularly noticeable at the upstairs ticket office and upstairs entrance to the actual station. If they were actually there they would be filmed buying their tickets, they would be filmed on the platform, they would be filmed on the train etc.

Sir Ian BLIAR and his colleagues at the police have just looked at the timetable some eight days later to fix their story to set up the four innocent 'patsies', arrogantly knowing that the compliant UK media would not question them, never thinking that all the trains from Luton to Kings Cross were messed up that day prior to the 'Bombings'.

It is ABSOLUTELY PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to do all this in TWO minutes.

Letter to ALL UK Mainstream National Media sent First Class Post on 24-Aug-05
To date - No UK Media person has printed anything or even made contact.

Official Police Picture of the 4 'Supposed' Bombers at Luton Station 7:21:54 AM

Official Police Statement that Bombers boarded the 7.40 Train

Thameslink - The 7.40 AM train was CANCELLED

Official Police Statement that Bombers were photographed at Kings Cross at 8.26 AM


A. All witness information supplied was cross checked with information supplied by Thameslink.

B. A joint trial took 3 Minutes 35 Seconds to walk from the ground floor entrance, up and over to the ticket office, and back down to the London Platforms 1 & 3, without even including any time to purchase a ticket.

A query has been raised by a web site in Australia and a web site in the US, regarding the 7.24 AM train. It is more fully answered here:
It is ABSOLUTELY PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to do all this in TWO minutes

C. The most senior Thameslink spokesperson at Luton is called Chris Hudson. He will not answer our E Mails.

D. It is now clear why the 7/7 commuter interviewed by D Starbuck did not mention the 7.30 AM train that left at 7.38 AM. The London trains normally go from platforms 1 & 3. To a regular traveller, the train at platform 4 would have appeared to be about to set off in the opposite direction - See Sources Of Information No. 3.


1. Marie Bernes, Customer Relations, Thameslink - Tel: 0845 3306333 and in particular the schedule of actual train times in her E Mail dated 16th August, 2005.,uk

2. Four interviews with 7/7 commuters at Luton Station Tuesday 23 August, 2005 between 7.00 AM and 8.00 AM

3. D Starbuck interview with 7/7 commuter to Kings Cross

4. Official Police statements and press releases.


Nick Kollerstrom-London 911 Sceptics

James Stewart - Blackpool 911 Truth Group and founder of Financial OUTRAGE

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