Friday, July 01, 2005

"Zimbabwe is being hypocritically vilified"


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John Vidal, in the Guardian 1 July 2005:

"The EU, Britain and the US, as well as the World Bank ... have been responsible for millions of evictions in Africa and elsewhere...

"Every year millions of poor people are evicted to make way for tourism, dams, roads and airports, for events like the Olympics, and for the gentrification and beautification of cities, national parks and urban redevelopments...

"In the past five years, slum clearance programmes have forced more than 150,000 people out of their homes in Delhi;

"300,000 people were evicted to make way for Olympic sites in Beijing;

"100,000 were moved on in Jakarta;

"250,000 were forced out of dam sites in India;

"and as many as a million in Lagos and Port Harcourt in Nigeria. There are many more.

"The world's press has been mostly silent...

"The World Bank ... has funded projects that have required the eviction of at least 10 million people...

"According to the UN's 2003 study of urbanisation and slums, the driving force behind the slums of Africa and Asia is...

laissez-faire globalisation,

the tearing down of trade barriers,

the privatisation of national economies,

structural adjustment programmes imposed on indebted countries by the IMF,

and the lowering of tariffs promoted by the World Trade Organisation."

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