Thursday, July 21, 2005

Global Research - London bombs, Baghdad bombs, Gladio.

Ghali Hassan, 14 July 2005, at Global Research, wrote about the 7/7 London Bombing.

Some quotes:

Instead of saying; it is too early to say who is responsible for the 7/7 London bombing, Tony Blair immediately accused Muslims and Islam of the crimes.

No evidence, no names and no documentation were provided to support his accusations...

Those responsible ‘have no respect for human life’, Blair said.

Do those who participated in the barbaric "Shock and Awe" bombings of Baghdad and in the destruction of Iraqi towns and cities have respect for human life?

What kind of terrorists has the capacity to perpetuate the criminal atrocity inflicted on the Iraqi people? Baghdad was the heart of the Muslim world and cultural capital of Islam for more than seven centuries...

Al-Qaida (the ‘Base’ in Arabic) was the CIA sponsored training camp for the Afghan Mujahideen, including Osama bin Laden and his fighters. The group was created and financed by the US administration..

The 7/7 London bombing was next to impossible to conduct in the middle of high security without the intelligence and coordination of important people in Britain.

Like the 9/11 attacks, the 7/7 London bombing remains a mystery, and the crimes against innocent people will provide Blair’s government with enough pretexts to:

(1) justify the introduction of unpopular new British identity card;

(2) implement intrusive surveillance and policing of Muslims and the Muslim community;

(3) introduce new draconian legislations that will curtail freedom, civil liberties, and limits dissent, such as protest;

(4) continue to support Bush’s war of terror against defenceless nations; and

(5) divert public attention from the "pre-emptive" terrorism and the war crimes committed against the Iraqi people.

Throughout the Cold War... Western secret agents and NATO collaborated in attacks against civilian targets, which they then blamed on left-wing groups in order to create panic and force the public to turn to governments for more security and protection.

One of these right-wing groups, implicated in attacks on civilians, was code-name Gladio.

The existence of this group only became known in Italy in the 1990s and the Italian Senate, amid public protests, had to close it down, because it 'was beyond democratic control'.

In other words, the lies became too big to hide from the public. (Cited in 'Secret Warfare: Gladio', by Daniele Ganser). Criminals are not difficult to find to instil fear and panic in the population. (See Fear: A political tool)

...War is not the way to fight terrorism. War is the most violent form of terrorism...

If Blair, Bush and their allies are serious about removing the scourge of terrorism, they need to take a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves one single question: Do people like to be occupied, killed, abused tortured and humiliated by foreign forces?


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