Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blair deception, Iraq 1991, Haiti 2005, Palestine 2005, Niger 2005.


From Media lens:

Blair said on July 10:

"September 11 happened before Iraq, before Afghanistan, before any of these issues and that was the worst terrorist atrocity of all."

This was a classic Blair deception.

September 11 did happen before the 2003 Iraq war, but it did not happen before the 1991 Iraq war, which devastated the country with the equivalent power of seven Hiroshima-sized bombs.

Eric Hoskins, a Canadian doctor and coordinator of a Harvard study team, reported in January 1992 that the allied bombardment "effectively terminated everything vital to human survival in Iraq - electricity, water, sewage systems, agriculture, industry and health care".

(Hoskins, 'Killing is killing - not kindness,' New Statesman, January 17, 1992)

And September 11 did not happen before a decade of US-UK sanctions had killed Iraqi civilians in their hundreds of thousands.


The public was deceived about Haiti.


Naomi Klein, 18 July 2005 in The Guardian, reported on a massacre in Haiti alleged to have taken place the day before the London bombings.

On July 6, 300 UN troops attacked the pro-Aristide slum of Cité Soleil. The UN says that five were killed, but residents say at least 20 were murdered.

Reuters correspondent, Joseph Guyler Delva, says he "saw seven bodies in one house alone, including two babies and one older woman in her 60s".

Ali Besnaci, head of Médecins Sans Frontières in Haiti, said that on the day of the siege 27 people came to the MSF clinic with gunshot wounds, three-quarters of them women and children.

The residents of Cité Soleil say they are being killed for daring to demand the return of their elected president.

Convicted killers, drug smugglers and arms traders ousted Aristide.

Why was Aristide ousted by the USA? Aristide told Klein: "Privatisation, privatisation and privatisation." Aristide opposed privatisation.

Klein writes: 'The US cut off more than $500m in promised loans and aid, starving his government, and poured millions into the coffers of opposition groups, culminating ultimately in the February 2004 armed coup.'

'Haitians are still on the streets - rejecting the planned sham elections, opposing privatisation and holding up photographs of their president.'


9 11

9 11



From Xymphora:

In the Washington Post, the headline is "Israeli Strikes Kill 7 in Hamas As 5-Month Truce Comes to End".

Buried at the end of the second paragraph is the sentence: "More than a dozen bystanders were also killed, according to hospital officials here."

Needless to say, if this had occurred anywhere else in the world besides Israel, the headline and the main thrust of the story would be that innocent civilians were killed in an illegal targeted assassination attack.

If the story is about Israel, everything is turned upside down. More than a dozen dead Palestinian civilians are barely worth a mention.

This type of thing is so ubiquitous in the American media that it is no longer noticeable.

Can you imagine a similar approach being taken to the London bombs?

The headline would be: "Four die in bomb attack in London." At the end of the second paragraph there would be the sentence: "More than fifty bystanders were also killed, according to hospital officials here."



Hunger in Niger was predicted months ago. What did Blair and Bush do about this?

Children are dying of starvation in feeding centres in Niger.

3.6m people face severe food shortages.

Little foreign aid has come into the country.

Aid agencies in the country predict the situation will get worse in the coming months and say the world has responded too late.


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