Friday, June 17, 2005

The Yogi Footballer

Simon Ralli has written 'The Yogi Footballer'.

"The Yogi Footballer" has finally launched and is now available here:

"I have been bollocked big time by a member of New Labour working in my local MPs constituency office. He said that I should not waste my MP's time with my conspiracy theories, and that people visiting their MP should only do so if they have a specific issue for him to deal with. I also got told off at the same time for featuring my MPs photograph and writing about what was said in the surgery. It really does not matter who my MP is - for what I need to do is show people that you can visit your MP and say what needs to be said. So from now on he will be called XXXX..."


Simon's Incredible £5483 9-11 South West Scotland Election Challenge
04/04/2005 - Dumfries, Scotland

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