Friday, June 10, 2005

Tatort and 9 11

German state TV has shown a drama based on the idea that elements of the American government ordered the 9 11 attacks.

The Green Party chairman, Reihard Buetikofer, appears to believe that the drama should not have been shown. "I hope this particular TV movie will be discussed very critically at the next supervisory board meeting of ARD state television," he said.

The drama, an episode in the Tatort series, was about a German woman and a man who was killed in her apartment.

The dead man had been trained to be a 9 11 pilot but was left behind. He was then killed by the CIA or FBI.

The woman claims that the 9 11 attacks were the work of the Bush family for oil and power.

The drama ends with the German detectives accepting her story and her escaping to safety in an unnamed Arab country.

A poll published in the weekly Die Zeit showed that 31 percent of Germans younger than 30 "think that there is a certain possibility that the U.S. government ordered the attacks of 9/11."


Is it true that blogs which support Israel have been attacking the showing of this drama?


Has the Green Party in Germany been infiltrated by members of the security services?


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